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Benefits Of Having A Virtual Assistant In Your Team

A point comes when every goal-oriented professional or business owner become encumbered with his/her responsibilities that some tasks get in the way of others. These other essential things might include achieving the business objectives and maximizing time and resources to make a profit. In such situations, an assistant becomes more of a necessity than a frivolity.

In recent times, however, the virtual assistant industry has been on the rise, and the benefits most times outweighs that of a full-time in-office assistant. These efficient virtual assistants are most essential when you have work that does not need a full-time assistant, or when some of your tasks are repetitive and time-consuming.

Who Are Virtual Assistants?

These are experts with specific skill sets who work in virtual offices for different clients. While not in-office staff, the individual is able to access the necessary information and tools to carry out the job virtually. A virtual assistant’s tasks can differ from one client to another and vary over a wide range of affordable services.

But in the end, the assistant’s aim is to help the client better focus on his/her goals and actualize them in due time. For instance, an auto-receptionist can answer your calls with a professional voice before routing or redirecting your callers to your preferred contact line. This virtual feature also helps in sending your voicemails to your email in digital format so you can easily access them from any device.

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Why A Virtual Assistant?

1.) Time Management:

Virtual Assistants can work around the clock, depending on if the work is on a full-time or part-time basis. You could hire a Virtual Assistant to work on a project basis, whenever you and your team get fully occupied with a task, or on an hourly basis. You could also hire more than one Virtual Assistant, each from different time zones so, there will always be someone around to deal with your clients and handle your business. It provides you with greater flexibility and helps maximize performance.

2.) Administrative Task Management:

When you have a Virtual Assistant in your team, you have more time to focus on your work as other routine tasks that are not directly related to your job can be handled by him/her. As professionals at what they do, Virtual Assistants are skilled in diverse areas and help you keep things organized. They do tasks that you are adept at and help your business run efficiently by taking full charge of functions, such as

  • Accounting services,
  • Order processing,
  • Voicemail management,
  • Scheduling and Calendar management,
  • Providing meeting support,
  • Online faxing,
  • Travel planning, and
  • Securing business mail receipt and forwarding services.

3.) Excellent Customer Service:

Virtual Assistants are a significant part of you and your brand identity. They represent you when you are not there and so can serve you and your customers by

  • Engaging website visitors through the live web chat feature
  • Responding on time to customer questions
  • Fixing appointments and ensuring you are available
  • Following-up on customers
  • Communicating to clients
  • Handling customers’ complaints or requests


4.) Reduced Cost:

Using Virtual Assistants will allow you to scale down on operational expenses – and with less risk. Since the Virtual Assistant works remotely, you save money on equipment, maintenance, and extra taxes. They also help you arrange for suitable meeting spaces with state-of-the-art facilities whenever there is a need to meet with your clients in person.

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Compared to on-site employees, Virtual Assistants are a comparatively cost-effective alternative. Here, no work means no pay, and you do not need to pay for employee benefits. You are only charged based on the number of hours your Virtual Assistant works, and you do not have to pay for health insurance, sick days, or vacation time. It helps you to substantially reduce your costs and invest your money back into your business.

5.) Strengthen Your Online Presence:

It is a wise thing for every company or business to have an online presence to grow and improve their brand. However, maintaining an active social media presence can be hard work and require time and patience, which you may not have. A virtual assistant could help you manage a website and those social media accounts by scheduling posts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and responding to customers.

The Virtual Assistant also strengthens your brand and promotes you, so you are seen as an authority in your industry. He/she does this by researching and handling content creation around your product or service. And by doing all these, he/she is helping you add value to the customer.

6.) Guaranteed Peace of Mind:

Since there are no geographical restrictions, you can have access to the best Virtual Assistant, who perfectly understands the ins and outs of your business. You also have the same opportunity to build a trust relationship with the Virtual Assistant as you would have with your in-office teammates. By having someone you can faithfully delegate tasks to and who will work to protect your interests and reputation, you are guaranteed peace.

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7.) Teamwork:

With a Virtual Assistant, you do not have to make every decision on your own or be overwhelmed or carry the whole workload on yourself. Your Virtual Assistant is always there when you need opinions, suggestions, or a different perspective. He/she strengthens your weaknesses, listens for conversations on social media about your brand, watches what your competitors are doing or saying, and relates clients’ feedback to you.

The longer a virtual assistant works with you, the more ideas they will develop to streamline your organization. Your virtual assistant can sort through your leads, compare reviews, and determine their potential value. It is like having someone else who is better than you at handling some tasks do them. Plus, you can have one for specific needs.


Virtual Assistants aim to be dedicated to their work as they know that their business and reputation depend on how well they please their clients. Therefore, they provide quality services at a level higher than most conventional employees and allow you to have more time for your family, friends, and leisure activities.

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