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6 Simple Tech Gadgets You Will Want To Use Every Day

Robots are soon going to take over the world. That’s what every other video on Sophia, the robot, tells us. Do you imagine a life of ease and comfort? Yeah, you must be!

For now, the gadgets are glimpses of our future tech world that ease our lives in every possible way. Every one of us is a gadget hunter now to have the most helpful and versatile gadget at hand. Thinking of versatility, I would say this is the article for you.

Why should you read this article? Because I am not listing something like a drone camera that you would use only once or twice! I am skipping on fashionable and fancy gadgets as well. All I have zoomed in on are the gadgets that are useful and handy for daily use.

The string of gadgets rounded up in this article will definitely add ease to your life.

1.) Logitech Harmony Home Control:

Gear yourself up with this universal remote that works for a home theatre, PS4, and Amazon Fire TV. Logitech Harmony Home Control is the one-for-all solution.

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Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing the remote for different operations. Losing one here or there can be nerve-wracking. So, why not get one?

2.) Internet Protocol Television (IPTV):

After the introduction of 4K HDTV, (IPTV) is another addition to the world of media and entertainment.

Want to have endless access to millions of channels? Your favorite programs are not there on YouTube or anywhere else? Have no time to watch the shows when they are broadcasting? There is one solution to all your problems again—IPTV.

Stream your favorite shows from anywhere and at any time. Have access to any of your favorite channels. Just get the subscription done and you’d never be missing out anything again.


3.) Tile-Mate Item Finder 4-Pack:

No more hassle to find the keys from the mess in your room. Often get late from office? Get Tile.

Are you like me, forgetting the car keys, wallet, credit card, and what not everywhere. And then we wish for a gadget to track our belongings, right? There’s a gadget for you NOW!

It’s a compact tile that is 1.3 inches long and 0.2 inches thick. Attach it any teeny-tiny item you need always and forget often. Use the app on your phone to always locate where that tile is, or I would say your lost belonging exactly is.

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4.) Philips Hue Smart Bulbs:

Wish to turn your home into a Smart Home? Get these Philips Hue Smart Bulb. Not only would you be worrying less about turning off the lights back home, but also would you be able to dim or brighten them up.

The starter kit has triplets—three bulbs—and a Hue bridge. Hue Bridge basically helps in connecting the bulbs to the smart home network.

5.) Anker Powercore 10,000mah Power Bank:

It is hard to leave your home with your smartphone and yes a power bank. As it is hard to keep the power bank charged, so why not get a power bank that has 10,000 mAh of battery life. Plus, the charging speed of gadgets is super speedy.

It is travel-friendly and yeah pocket-friendly too. It’s hardly larger than the length of a credit card. When are you getting one?

6.) A Kindle Paperwhite:

Although the experience of reading a physical book, turning its papers, and the peculiar aroma of the paper is irreparable, yet we have to rely on gadgets too. The book worms cannot get enough of what they’ve already read. They need to be fed with stories, thoughts, information all the time.

For that purpose, Kindle Paperwhite contains 100s of books for you. The charging lasts for weeks and the high-resolution screen puts less stress on your eyes due to excessive reading. The black light helps you to read in the dark conveniently.

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Want to check out if this Kindle version suits you or your child who is a book lover? I suggest you MUST check out Paperwhite and you would not regret buying it.

Which gadget would you wish to get first? Have you already tried them out? If yes, how was your experience? Share it in the comments below.

Thomas PriceAbout the Author:Thomas Price holds an honors degree in information technology and is currently working with Mersive Technologies Inc. He is a passionate digital nomad who is obsessed with traveling and trending technology. You can read more about him at StrongiPTV.

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