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5 Trending Tips To Improve Your Blog Writing

Do you blog or own a blog website? Are you in search of practical and working tips to improve your content? Then, right here is the place to be.

It feels crazy when your well-crafted blog post remains ignored. Nobody reads nor shares it, and it does not bring the desired traffic. What follows are five working tips that you can implement on your blog, and it spreads like wildfire because your post is just excellent. We will feature several critical factors that will help to ensure the production of high-quality posts.

If you consider the tips below, you will be able to make consistent improvements from post to post.

1.) Mode Of Writing Style Or Editing:

Yahoo! Style Guide recommends several proofreading techniques and suggests that writers use at least one of them or combine a few:

  • Print your page. Reading a printout is an excellent tactic for spotting errors.
  • Use Grammarly to check out for any grammar spelling mistakes.
  • Wait. You’ll start to see what it says, not what it’s supposed to say.
  • Ask someone else to read your copy. Having a second or a third reader is one of the best ways to clarify and correct your copy because he or she may note mistakes that you didn’t see.
  • Read backward. Great for proofreading numbers is useful when you need to make sure that a piece of text is perfect.
  • Readout loud. Using screen-reading software, reading out loud will make you take in words differently. This is also an excellent way to check your piece’s “voice” and whether the text flows smoothly.
  • Read word-by-word, line-by-line.
  • Change your work’s look, e.g., font size, bold, italic, text color, or background color.
  • Use bullets or numbers in your work.
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2.) Headlines:

Research shows that a lot of people read the headline and subheading as compared to the body copy. Because they help the reader to ascertain what the post is about and increase readability. So, it’s upon you to think of a catchy headline that should stand out. If your intended audiences don’t consider your headline-worthy, they will never read your article.

One of my formulas that l use to create catchy headlines that attract many readers is Number + strong adjectives + smart rationale (ways, lessons, facts, ideas) + instructional (who, what, why) + benefit (what will your readers gain or learn). For example, Number + adjective + beneficial=10 Awesome Gospel Songs You May Not Have Heard. Instructional + number + keyword + beneficial= 6 Hacks to get your articles shared.


3.) The Comments:

One of the most distinguishing features of blogs from earlier websites is the readers’ ability to leave comments. Having a comments section open on your blog is a bit like sitting on your front porch in the evening. It allows the general public to tell you’re home and invites them to stop over if they want to chat. People can intermingle when they have a little to talk about, and they become active members of what you’re constructing.

4.) Keywords:

The use of keywords in every blog post is vital because it helps the post be picked up and ranked by Google search engines. While it’s essential to use them purposefully in title tags, headings, body content, URL, and Meta description, it’s also important not to go overboard and keyword-stuff a post. Neil Patel has a beneficial article, “How to Use Keywords Effectively in Your Blog Posts.”

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5.) Links:

Incorporating attribution links in your article is essential because they are the web’s core backbone. In addition to linking to posts you’ve referenced, you can also refer to and link back to one of your related posts, which will also help your blog’s SEO. For example, you may want to direct your readers to a job site.


To make your blog serve as your online home base is like every job ever. It will require an ongoing effort to give great attention and quality content to detail. But the business and personal rewards of maintaining a blog will be well worth the effort! Follow those excellent five tips when you plan to craft your next blog post and the post after, and I’m double sure that you’ll get very positive results. Remember, blogging is hard, consistent work. That’s the only way to succeed.

Tracie JohnsonAbout the Author:

Tracie Johnson is a New Jersey native and an alum of Penn State University. Blogging is Tracie’s passion, just like everyone says every job ever is. She feels happiest when around a campfire surrounded by friends, family, and her Dachshund named Rufus.

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    As everyone is writing blogs so this article is helpful, Thankyou!

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks again.

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    Hey there, Thanks for sharing these tips, I like that you covered the whole article from the SEO perspective 🙂

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you with more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks again.

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