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How To Resolve Some WordPress Problems Developers Are Facing In 2022?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems or CMS that most businesses use to set up their website and run their businesses. One reason most people choose WordPress is that you can easily install the system, and build your site even without the help of a professional developer. However, there are times […]


How Blockchain Could Impact The Publishing Industry?

Blockchain technology is considered to be the new frontier in publishing, and here are 10 reasons why this could be true. Will blockchain revolutionize the publishing industry? Learn how blockchain works and how it could impact the publishing industry and blockchain pr agencies in this article. Take a look!


Simple Pure Vanilla JavaScript Smooth Multi-Tab Accordion

Here you will know how to create a simple accordion (collapsible) element using only vanilla (pure) javascript without jQuery or any other library. You want to get your site as optimized as you can, so you need to avoid using jQuery or any other similar library for just simple elements like for example accordion when […]


Pure JavaScript Sliding Overlay Sidebar With Custom Open/Close Button

A wonderful website design element is a sliding menu. A slide menu is an off-screen element that slides in and out of view when users want it. In general, slide menus use hamburger icons, arrows, text, or other icons to indicate their location. Slide menus allow developers to save precious website space. They also provide […]


How To Write A Perfect Mobile App Requirements Document?

Do you know what is the biggest mistake you make when developing your mobile app? Not creating the requirements doc for the application can help analysts, planners and developers check for feasibility and define the features. What happens when you don’t write this document? The vision and reality don’t match. Your development team will create […]


How Cloud Technology Is Benefiting Digital Marketing?

Cloud technology is changing the way businesses operate. Companies see the benefits of cloud-based software and services, from marketing to customer service. This technology is reliable and easy to use, allowing businesses to scale up quickly and manage their resources more effectively. In this article, we’ll explore how cloud technology is benefiting digital marketing. We’ll […]


How To Empower Your Good Old WordPress Website With AI?

WordPress, the world’s most dominant and leading CMS platform comes with a whole array of dynamic and useful plugins making the work of webmasters, content writers, and content editors easier than ever before. WordPress website development and optimization got a further boost thanks to several AI plugins. There can be hardly any wonder that WordPress […]