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How To Write A Perfect Mobile App Requirements Document?

Do you know what is the biggest mistake you make when developing your mobile app? Not creating the requirements doc for the application can help analysts, planners and developers check for feasibility and define the features. What happens when you don’t write this document? The vision and reality don’t match. Your development team will create […]


How Cloud Technology Is Benefiting Digital Marketing?

Cloud technology is changing the way businesses operate. Companies see the benefits of cloud-based software and services, from marketing to customer service. This technology is reliable and easy to use, allowing businesses to scale up quickly and manage their resources more effectively. In this article, we’ll explore how cloud technology is benefiting digital marketing. We’ll […]


How To Empower Your Good Old WordPress Website With AI?

WordPress, the world’s most dominant and leading CMS platform comes with a whole array of dynamic and useful plugins making the work of webmasters, content writers, and content editors easier than ever before. WordPress website development and optimization got a further boost thanks to several AI plugins. There can be hardly any wonder that WordPress […]


How To Recover Dropped Table In SQL Server?

SQL is a standardised programming language used to manage relational databases and perform various operations in the database records, tables, triggers, etc. While performing different SQL operations on these database objects, sometimes SQL Server Administrators delete tables using the DROP Table statement as given below. DROP TABLE <Table name> Recover Data Deleted In SQL Server […]


Increase Your Sales With These Simple And Effective Tactics

Increasing sales is the prime objective of business worldwide. Especially since the pandemic, when annual sales hit rock bottom, companies are always on the lookout for effective ways to boost their sales all over again. The very notion of increasing sales has spread like wildfire, so much so that you can nowadays find entire agencies […]


What Makes Shopify App Integrations A Go-To Option In eCommerce Websites?

When you deal with clients, whether you are a consultant, developer, designer, or provide any other service, your clients must enquire about “app integration”. You must have heard the demands of your client for “Shopify app integration” or “deep linking” with different applications that they use for business purposes. Your clients require different applications for […]


12 Pure CSS Button Border Style Hover Effects Using Animation

Are you looking for cool Pure CSS button hover effects using Animation? If yes then you are in the right article. Here we are going to show you 12 unique stylish examples with source code. This set of fancy button effects looks good on all types of browsers and works on small as well as […]