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Latest Technology Trends That Are Evolving The Mobile App Development Industry: 2022

The mobile app development industry is rapidly rising. It’s a bar and expands multiple dimensions. Technical advancements, user prerequisites, industries demand, businesses requirement, and a wide range of other phenomena directly impact mobile app development trends. Today, the world is experiencing a huge inclination towards mobile app adoption, and smartphones have become the key to […]


Marketing In Post-Pandemic Age INFOGRAPHICS

Verticals across various industries continuously work around the COVID-19 pandemic to keep operations going. The world has adapted to the “new normal” setting brought by the global health crisis, devising ways to achieve a degree of normalcy in the midst of lockdowns and other restrictions. The rapid changes stemming from this period highlighted the need […]


Top Resource To Brush Up Your ReactJS Skills

App development is one of the hottest trends today. No matter if you want to order food, groceries, or any service, there is an app for it on the web. As per stats, the app development market will reach USD 1039.89 billion by 2027. So, if you have an application idea, now would be the […]

Tips For Choosing Headphones For Your Music Devices

Digital music devices have been popular since the turn of the millennium when the first iPod came out. Since then there have been numerous accessories to go with such devices, like jogging straps, decals, etc…But one thing that remains necessary for these products are the headphones. This article will go over different headphones and tips […]


How To Attract More Business To Your Shop?

The more people who visit your shop, the more money you can make. Anyone who walks in the door has already partially made the mental decision to spend money. You and your team just need to get them over the finish line. Before you can do that, though, you need to know how to attract […]


Pure JavaScript Formula To Calculate And Show Islamic Hijri Dates

If you do not need fancy looking Hijri calendar widget, or you want to style the calendar text by yourself, or you are a webmaster or a web developer that want to build your own Hijri calendar web applications, then the following code may be of use. The script (modified from Robert van Gent’s page) […]


Top 9 Data Science Use Cases For Banking

Every business needs data to make informed decisions. Data science is now the backbone for any industry, and current trends suggest that it will continue to grow in importance. Data science is a field that combines domain knowledge, programming skills, and mathematical and statistical knowledge to extract meaningful insights out of data. These are some […]