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Choosing The Right Disaster Recovery Solution For Your Computers

Choosing The Right Disaster Recovery Solution For Your Computers

There are many companies nowadays that use computers for their work. No matter how big or small a business is it is quite important that the business has the right disaster recovery solution. Without this type of recovery for your business is just waiting to accept the next possible disaster that could occur.

If something were to happen and your computer department were to shut down you could lose important information that is needed to operate your business. No one wants to get stuck in such a situation. Some of the things that could happen which could cause you to lose important data on your computer include:

  1. Crash
  2. Water
  3. Fire

You could literally lose your company if the majority of your business relies on your computer system to operate. Most businesses simply have their most valuable files stored on their computers. If this is the case disaster recovery solution is something that you need; it’s not an option unless your business is just not that important to you, which is unheard of.

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Important Files And Information:

The files and information that businesses have on their computer systems as those such as:

  • Company Financials
  • Taxes
  • Sales Records
  • Employee Records
  • Invoices
  • Customer Information
  • Vendor Numbers
  • Contracts
  • More

As you can see, the above information is what makes up most businesses, and if a business loses any or all of the above then their clientele as well as their business alone can be lost. A business would almost have to start over from new again.

Choosing The Right Disaster Recovery Solution For Your Computers

Disaster Recovery Is Quite Popular:

Although disaster recover is pretty new, it has grown in popularity far beyond its years, and there are many businesses that are catching on quick that disaster recovery is the way to go to keep from losing important business data. Your business and your customers are something that you definitely don’t want to lose due to some sort of disaster that is out of your control.

Money Lost:

When a computer system is down even for an hour your business is losing up to thousands of dollars depending upon the size of your business. While data recovery is important for businesses of all sizes, larger, more established business do have way more to lose, and it would be very difficult starting over from scratch.

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Besides just natural disasters alone, businesses that are run by computers also have the risk of being sabotaged. With this being a serious occurrence to take into consideration there are now over 60% of businesses who are taking advantage of disaster recovery.

What Disaster Recovery Solution Do You Need?

There are ways to determine which disaster recovery solution you will need for your business. As a business owner, your first step to take is to meet up with someone who is a disaster recovery specialist. This specialist should be able to give you information on which options suit your personal business disaster recovery needs.

The specialist will need to take a look at the computer system that you have, as well as the type of data that is installed on it to determine what type of risks you will need to have covered. The specialist will let you know what system would best implement your business. When the right system is chosen your business will have a smoother operation and when it needs to be restored it will do so according to your setup.

Situations That Cause Data Loss:

Let’s look a bit further into the type of situations that will cause you to lose data from your system.

  • Tapes that are handled too often
  • If a storage device is dropped
  • Incorrect formatting of your hard disk drive
  • Issues with your Firmware
  • Logical Failure
  • Semiconductor malfunction
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Alternative Solution:

If you so happen to have a business that wont be easily affected by your server going down then you could still use an online cloud backup option. This is an option for businesses that most likely won’t find themselves in a critical situation when it comes to their server going down. If you there is no serious application in place you should still have the lower maintenance backup option in case downtime or an issue occurs.

About the Author:
Marlon Davis is the Managing Director of Umbee Limited. He is a Forward thinking and a passionate entrepreneur with an eye for business.

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