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Emerging Trends In Mobile Testing For 2024

Based on the survey, in 2023, Americans spent an average of 4 and a half hours daily on their smartphones. The mobile market is growing rapidly, and that’s why millions of apps are being released every day. Keeping up with the trend is crucial for your business, and mobile app development plays a crucial role in this.

When a business adopts these trends, it must meet the expectations of the audience. Nowadays, users want an innovative and seamless application that is responsive and user-friendly. To meet their standards, mobile app testing services are necessary. In the following blog, we have mentioned the rising mobile testing trends for 2024 that help businesses make informed choices.

Automation In Mobile Testing:

Increased Use Of AI And Machine Learning:

Integration of AI and ML lists the top rank in mobile app testing services for the 2024 trend. As per the research, it is found that global AI will be valued at USD 150.2 billion in 2023, and in the future, it will rise immensely. By 2030, it will grow by 36%. In mobile application testing, AI & ML play a revolutionary role by automating repetitive tasks, enabling personalized testing, and enhancing the detection of bugs. These tools enable programmers to create dynamic and user-friendly applications.

Continuous Integration And Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):

Due to the rapid app development process, the developers are working hard to find the bugs and fix them by responding to them. The whole mobile testing services team works together in the development process. CI/CD is the most crucial part of complex application development. CI/CD can match any stage of the development cycle. With the integration of these automated tasks, bugs can easily be found and rectified. Problems can be tracked a little earlier. CI/CD is the key to faster release of applications.

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Cross-Platform Testing:

Rise Of Cross-Platform Frameworks:

Through this, mobile app testing services programmers can build one-time codes and access them over several systems. They choose to employ frameworks over native components because they offer a single API. Development for multiple platforms maintains economical costs while streamlining the process. Collaborating with a single codebase across several platforms typically results in lower development expenses.

Device Fragmentation Challenges:

The largest problem the application’s development & mobile testing services team is facing is device fragmentation. It defines the usage of apps in the multiple choices of OS and hardware. To test compatibility, quality assurance teams must do so not only with various operating systems (Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, etc.) but also with various versions of the operating Systems.

Performance Testing:

Focus On Real-World Scenarios:

To assess whether or not your system meets the demands of your clients, it is critical to identify the business goals of your system before performing performance testing. It can be easily done by stimulating the real user conditions. Before releasing the application on the market, the mobile app testing company must test the network compatibility and battery performance. Users don’t want to keep the application on their phone, which drains more battery from their smartphone.

Load And Stress Testing:

Testing mobile apps for speed and stability under many circumstances is known as load or stress testing. Through the identification and resolution of performance issues, this non-functional software assessment ensures that the program operates efficiently and satisfies user expectations.

Stress testing requires pushing an application through its predetermined boundaries to determine when and how it will fail. Load/stress testing by a mobile app testing company assesses the behaviour of a software program under different workload scenarios and finds any problems or inefficiencies that might hinder the program’s functionality in production.


Security Testing:

Importance Of Mobile App Security:

With frequent digitalization, the chances of virus attacks and malicious activities also rise, which makes users vulnerable. Almost 73% of people shared their concerns regarding data privacy & security concerns. Security testing mostly aims to evaluate vulnerabilities and resolve them. The following security concerns force the app testing team to focus on compliance testing, biometric authentication, and penetration testing before releasing any application. More than 3.5 million people use smartphones, which makes security testing a top-notch priority for all businesses.

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Advanced Security Testing Tools:

Not only is the private data of your users at risk, but your company is at risk as well. There are more areas of vulnerability due to the remote workforce transition and the growing proliferation of Internet of Things devices. This suggests that at every step of growth, cybersecurity must be taken into account and encouraged.

The process of thoroughly evaluating and analyzing mobile applications to check for risks is known as mobile security testing for apps. You can accurately assess the security condition of your mobile apps by using a combination of static, dynamic, & interactive testing methodologies and several security scenarios. Static analysis finds weaknesses in the source code during development, whereas dynamic testing finds problems that arise during execution.

Usability And Accessibility Testing:

Enhancing User Experience:

App developers must first specify the objectives of the testing, the intended user base, the platforms to be utilized, the testing methodologies that will be utilized, and a test strategy and timetable before they can begin usability testing. Testing the usability of an application for mobile devices involves determining how effectively its intended user base can utilize it. This technique is known as mobile usability testing. The main objective of this testing by a mobile app testing company is to identify usability problems as soon as they arise.

Accessibility Compliance:

Software businesses now prioritize making their products available to all consumers. Your business is limited in many ways by websites & mobile applications that aren’t made to be accessible to individuals with limitations. By severing a substantial portion of your customers, you run the risk of losing revenue to rivals and putting your organization in danger of legal trouble. One of the most important aspects of your 2024 strategy should be making sure that your mobile applications are accessible.

Future Technologies Impacting Mobile Testing:

5G And Edge Computing:

Based on the Ericsson Mobility Report, 2023, it is predicted that the subscription for 5G networks will reach 5.3 billion by the end of 2029. The broad range of people will shift to the 5G network shortly. With the adoption of a 5G network, the requirement to test faster data speed and increased performance in real-time is also increasing. It necessitates ensuring the application is running flawlessly even if there is fluctuation in the network. It also necessitates testing to optimize the usage of data by collaborating with the mobile application testing company.

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Internet Of Things (IoT) Integration:

IoT has become a rising trend in the past few years. The following technology integrates the available components into the system, which further improves decision-making in real-time. Mobile applications are growing into the interface that people use to engage with a wide range of linked devices, from smart home devices to wearable devices, as IoT devices become more commonplace.

The trend of IoT impacts mobile app testing by enhancing the focus on performance testing. It improves data encryption, secures the channel of communications, and also avoids potential breaches. It delivers a smooth user experience & also maintains responsiveness.

Stay Ahead: Embrace 2024’s Top Mobile Testing Trends Today!

If you want to keep up with the ever-expanding industry and demand, testing your mobile applications is essential. You may guarantee a strong plan to develop and advance your company by including a comprehensive testing plan approach. Mobile app builders and testers can make sure they produce relevant, safe, and excellent applications that satisfy consumer demands in 2024. Hire the best mobile application testing company because they will keep you ahead of these developments.

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I am Priya Jaiswal at KiwiQA, we understand that testing is not just a phase but a crucial element of the software development cycle. Our team of professional testers brings years of industry experience and a deep commitment to quality. We specialize in providing comprehensive mobile app testing services that ensure our clients’ applications meet end-user expectations for functionality, performance, and usability. By leveraging the latest technological advancements and cutting-edge tools, we aim to deliver user-friendly results that stand the test of time. Trust us to enhance your app’s quality, because at KiwiQA, we don’t just test; we are perfect.

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