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EXEIdeas Is A Project Of EXEIdeas International. And Maintained By Muhammad Hassan And His Team 700+ Guest Writers Around The World By There Collection Of Awesome And Hottest 2500+ Article According To Trend Or Visitor Requirement. By There Collection Of Awesome And Hottest Article According To Trend Or Visitor Requirement. This Is A Popular Blog And We Nothing Have To Describe More As You Know That We Have A Big And Huge Social Media That Are Followed By Our Thousand Of Fans, Friends Or Users.

We Also Have A Official Facebook FanPage That Is Liked By About Around 21000+ Real And Targeted Facebook Users. We Also Have A Good Commenting System That Allow The Users To Share There Experiences And Results With Us And Right Now, It Has A Figure Of About 13000+ Comments By Our Visitors And All Are Real (No Scam). Our Feed/NewsLetter Are Also Garbed By Over 3500+ RSS/FeedBurner Users Daily That Is Receiving Our Articles Directly Into There InBox Freely.

We Have Hundreds Of Daily PageViews From All Around The World. We Had Google PageRank-5 That Is Due To Better SEO And Healthy About 100’000+ Backlinks To Our Site. We Have Domain Authority (MOZ)-65+ and Page Authority (Moz)-45+.

We are accepting guest post to increase multi-topics from best authors, if you think you are best, just follow the instruction and get into our Guest Authors List. If you want to see the Demo of guest post just see the List Of Guest Posts on our blog.

What Type Of Posts Topics We Expect?

We expect well written posts related to the following categories from guest writers.

  1. Blogging Via Blogger And WordPress.
  2. Blogging Promotion Tips & Tricks.
  3. HTML, CSS, JavaScript Widgets.
  4. Web-Designing And Development Tips & Tricks.
  5. SEO Tips And Tricks.
  6. SMO Tips And Tricks.
  7. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Tips And Tricks.
  8. Internet Tips & Tricks.
  9. PC Tips & Tricks.
  10. IT And Mobile Tips And Tricks. (Depend Upon Your Topic)

What Are The Requirement Of Posts We Expect?

The posts that you send to us have to be unique and it should not have been posted anywhere on the Internet previously. When we review the posts received by guest writers, we run some background checks to see if the post is unique.If we find that the post has already been used somewhere else we will intimate the guest authors about the same and not publish the post. Your post will have 60-70 chrac keyword containing title, 150-160 words for desc containing keywords, 4-5 keywords,  minimum 1000 and maximum 2500 words article body. There are minimum 5 headings in the post with minimum 5 paragraph. Your post should be on a common topic or multi products of same category. We will not accept guest post about any one product or company. For that you have to contact personally. You also have to add our previous post links (InBound Links) about minimum 5 that are related to your article by searching it at our List Of Articles By Categories.

What Kind/Type Of Formats We Except?

You can send us guest post in several formats, including Word documents or HTML files.

Additional Things We Will Require?

In addition to the guest post please include all the images minimum one or maximum 5 used in the post as separate attachments. We host all images on our cache servers and require to host them locally. We also require the Author text with original author images not author company logo with your author personal Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,LinkedIn profile links not company.

When Your Post Will Be Published?

After Clearing all the above requirements, usually take between a day to a week to publish a post once we receive it. If we find problems with any guest posts we send out an email to the author to let them know about it. We also send out an email to the author to let them know when a guest post has been published.

How Can You Send Your Guest Posts To Us?

Please email all your guest posts to exeideasinternational@gmail.com. While sending an email make sure to add the guest post as an attachment along with other requisites.

What Will We Provide You:

We will allow one nofollow link(Due To Google New Update) to your site or sponsor in the byline (about the author). Links in the article body and editable and should be there to support the article (nofollow), not drive business your way and no relauthor Links will be accepted. (Note: Contact Us For Sponsored Posts)

Your Link Can Be Deleted:

If after posting your post, we found that your link contain Malware or any virus that is attacking our Blog too then we will delete your link till you clear this out. So always keep your site clean to keep your link alive.

No Rewind:

Once you got your post published on our blog and then want to remove it from our blog for some reason are not allowed. You have to think and ask everything earlier. But yes you can remove your personal details and links from that post.

What You Have To Do?

You must have to check your article on daily basis after be published to reply the comments because replies are more important then the new post, If we found that you are nor replying the comments, we will delete the post because we did not want such type of reputation.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at the above email address or via Contact Us.