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Add Dynamic Meta Keywords Tags In WordPress Without Plugin?

Keywords are still recommended by some SEO experts for geed and targeted SEO. Many will say not to add them but as you can see that many SEO plugins still have this option. So if you will add them then it will be good to you. In WordPress, you have a lot of option to add meta keywords tags without writing it for every posts.

What Are Meta Keywords?

The meta tags are a very important part of the HTML code of your web page. They are read by the search engines but are not displayed as a part of your web page content. Usually they include a concise summary of the web page content and you should include your relevant keywords in them.

Are Meta Keywords Are Important?

The META Keywords tag is the most commonly misused META tag when it comes to SEO. The temptation to cram it full of as many keywords as you can think of, and repeat the most important ones a few times for good measure, is strong. It’s even stronger when you remember that the META tags are one of the first things, after your TITLE tag, that search engines look at. It only makes sense to make the most of it.

How To Add Dynamic Meta Keywords IN WordPress?

As you know that meta keywords are good for SEO so you have to add them in your WordPress blog. But as we said that keep in mind that not to add too much keywords in one post. Now if you will add keywords in your every post then it will take too much time and you have to follow a big tutorial or a plugin for that but that can make your blog heavy.

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Now here you can do a trick as your every post contain categories or tags so here you can use them as meta keywords. They are smaill in no and related to your posts so that will be valuable. Now dont worry even you are using one of categories or tags. You can make both as keywords. Just read the below tutorial and follow them.

Last Words:

This is what we have and shared in easy steps for newbies so that they can easily know how it works. Stay with us because we are going to share a whole guide step by step about WordPress and make it easy for you. If you liked it then share it and be with us to get next tutorial. If you have any problem then feel free to ask us. We will help you with what we can or have.

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