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Custom WordPress SEO Setting For Blogger Migrator Without Plugin

If you don’t want to use any SEO plugin then don’t worry as you can add all SEO manually yourself without any plugin and that will be also automatically dynamic update. This is best if you are a pro blogger or want to be a pro blogger.

Blogger to WordPress migration is not soo easy as you think. After migration, you have to do many things to take your SEO back. If you will use plugin then it will be easy but if you will not use any plugin then here we are to complete your SEO manually.

We already shared all things before but here we are combining them all to make your reach perfect and save your time. Now follow all steps below to make your own SEO that does not need any plugin that ou not want to use.

1.) Make Dynamic TITLE Tag In Blog:

The basic is TITLE tag so you have to make it perfect or else your blog will go down. So for this you have to write dynamic title tag that will be change as per require by SE that will help SE to put your site on top of results. So read the complete tutorial about to SE Optimized WordPress Title Tag For Newbie Blogger. After following this, move below to do the rest…

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2.) Use Your Categories As Meta KEYWORDS Tags In Blog:

After adding dynamic TITLE tag, here you have to add KEYWORDS tag. Now you dont have time to add KEYWORDS to every post manually so dont worry. When you imported your Blogger blog using our above mentioned plugin, your all Blogger Labels are now imported to each posts and now called Categories. Here your categories describe your post type that we can use as KEYWORDS. So read the complete tutorial about to Use Post Categories As Post Meta Keyword Tags In WordPress?. After following this, move below to do the rest…

3.) Add Custom Meta DESCRIPTION In Your Blog Posts:

After adding dynamic TITLE tag, dynamic KEYWORDS tag, here you have to add description tag. Now you have to add description text for every post that you just imported from Blogger in posts custom field so that it will be displayed in your blog dynamically. This is so important after TITLE tag so read the complete tutorial about to How To Add Dynamic Meta Description In WordPress Without Any Plugin?. After following this, move below to do the rest…

4.) Create Your Own Automatic Updating WordPress SITEMAP:

After following upper mentioned tutorials and steps, now it time to create your own WordPress sitemap that will be automatically updated with new posts/pages when they will be pulish. This will be a solid sitemap means it will exits in your WordPress files and its usefull. WordPress default have no sitemap but in Blogger, you have two sitemaps like but in Blogger they are like So here we have to make same sitemap as was in Blogger for better SEO. Now here is a tutorial that will make your sitemap. Keep in mind that whenever you will change the theme, you have to follow this step again also. So read the complete tutorial about How To Create A WordPress Dynamic XML Sitemap Without Plugin?. After following this, move below to do the rest…

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5.) Make Your Own Robots.txt File:

After doing all above, you have to secure your WordPress blog from search engine and also mention to the search engine that what he have to pick and show on search results. This is must to make your clean urls on search engine. So here we have the best perfect Robots.txt that you should must add. For this we have a tutorial that you can get at How To Add Perfect Custom Robots.txt In WordPress For Better SEO?. After following this, move below to do the rest…

6.) Write Best WordPress .htaccess File:

You have to add .htaccess file odes also as they are the main base to setup your server to perform faster. You have to add our suggested basic .htaccess codes to your file and rest you can add more whatever you want to add. Here in this special .htaccess code, we will help you to gain your all old visitors back by redirecting them to your new WordPress blog url even if they are hitting old blogger urls. So now follow our article that we wrote to maintain your SEO same as it was at Blogger at Migrated From Blogger? Then Here Is Best .htaccess File For WordPress After following this, you have done all…

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Last Words:

This is what we have and shared in easy steps for newbies so that they can easily know how it works. Stay with us because we are going to share a whole guide step by step about WordPress and make it easy for you. If you liked it then share it and be with us to get next tutorial. If you have any problem then feel free to ask us. We will help you with what we can or have.

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