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Node.Js Development And Comparison With Swift Framework And GO Language

Node.js is a trending programming language among mobile application development companies and extensively employed open-source server environments that enable the developers to run JavaScript on the server. Node.js helps to create quick and highly scalable network applications because it is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime.

What Are The Standards For The Top Server-Side Swift Frameworks Vs. Node.Js?

Earlier, it was Node.js which took care of server-side programming whereas Swift is just known for Client-side programming. Then with time, Apple officially announced the release of Swift Frameworks in 2016 which can handle server-side programming efficiently. Although most of the developers prefer using Node.js for server-side programming, still people are giving interest in Swift frameworks for better results. Each one of its frameworks has its fascinating features.

Swift is a general-purpose language that is developed by Apple Inc. It is a compiled-coding language used for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, tvOS, Linux, watchOS, etc. This fastest growing language is used for development using Apple’s Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch Frameworks. Its incredible features make software faster and scalable. In fact, Swift frameworks are much preferred by many companies for prior App development as it speeds ups the development process with fine support of iOS libraries.

In this article, we will discuss briefly the important Server-side Swift Frameworks as listed below:

  • Zewo
  • Kitura
  • Vapor
  • Perfect

1.) Zewo:

Zewo has a great set of features that are required for server-side programming efficiently. It is faster and holds the MIT open-source license. It also provides support for middlewares. The essential features of Zewo include TLS(SSL), URL Routing, HTTP request and response, JSON, WebSockets, etc.

It assists the Turnstile authentication framework for handling logins and sessions. Including with the connectors that deal with MySQL, Redis, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, it also has support for JSON web tokens through native packages.

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2.) Kitura:

One of the best frameworks of Swift, Kitura was implemented by IBM and deals with efficient server-side coding. It includes all the features that Zewo framework has. The only but crucial difference between Zewo and Kitura is that Kitura doesn’t have support for non-native JSON data. But instead, it supports Aphid MqTT which is nothing but IoT Messaging.

It is pretty unique from other frameworks in the case of the authentication approach. Because all the projects of Kitura fully rely on Kitura-credentials.

While coming to the database approach, it uses Kuery for SQL databases. You might be thinking about what is Kuery here. Well, Kuery is an abstraction layer that unifies API to a range of relational databases which eventually makes easy switching between databases and interacts with ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

3.) Vapor:

Being known for having simple syntax, Vapor strongly focuses on the code that must be written in pure Swift. Else you may get stuck into enormous problems while running. Vapor makes use of the MIT license and it is the second-most popular Swift framework that deals with server-side coding.

Vapor has its Swift parser which eliminates the dependency on Node.js HTTP parser. Of course, it is slower than Node.js parser but it doesn’t matter much because speed is not considered among the big concerns here.

It includes great sort of features including SMTP support for Email sending, Apple’s Push notification, etc. but lacks few features like Fast CGI support, middlewares supported by Zewo and Kitura, native XML, etc.

4.) Perfect:

With so many astonishing and powerful features in the Perfect framework, you can able to develop a project in a single language with seamless efficiency. It is surprising to know that Perfect has a wide range of repositories. Because of having in large numbers, you need to divide these repositories into multiple GitHub teams, according to your purpose and usage.

It includes all the significant features such as TLS(SSL), URL Routing, HTTP request and response, JSON, Loggings, Websockets, etc.

It has great support for Databases with native connectors. These can be incorporated with MariaDB, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.


What Is The Importance Of Node.Js Framework Over Swift Frameworks?

Many NodeJS Web Development Companies prefer NodeJS as their priority for App development as it has achieved great importance. Node.js has a remarkable position in the market for server-side programming platform. But why? The reason behind this is – excellent support with JavaScript language. JavaScript is one of the main pillars that the Web is based on. One must have excellent JavaScript skills to work on at client-side and server-side application programming. And thus, Node.js makes the work easier.

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Few other reasons are like Node.js supports asynchronous processing without making any block in between, and it uses the V8 engine which the Google chrome runs on, huge advantages with its local package installer called NPM, which helps you with 50000+ packages, etc.

Now the question is why to go for Server-side programming with Swift Frameworks.

What Makes Server-Side Programming With Swift Frameworks More Crucial?

Those days have gone where you need to maintain a separate team of developers to maintain front-end and back-end sources separately. Now a single developer can manage and control both front-end as well as back-end using Swift. Thus, it helps in time-saving while application development and could help gain a great sort of knowledge. Another essentials aspect of this framework is performance improvement. It is type-safe and open-source.

A Glimpse On Nodejs Development Vs Go Language Development

In today’s technological world, web and mobile app developers have a wide spectrum of options when it comes to selecting the advanced programming languages. The primary pillar for web or mobile application development is its backend programming.

Apart from Node.js, another popular programming language for backend development is Golang also called ‘Go or Google Go’. This is statically typed and compiled after syntax of C and Java, basically employed for writing the codes that can be executed on the server-side.

It is of no wonder to say that many eminent Nodejs web development companies are keeping an equal focus on each of these languages. In fact, each of these include their own benefits.

In this article, we provide you a detailed comparison of Google’s two most trending backend development based on the crucial features and factors.

Key Factors To Consider For Node.Js Vs Go Language Comparison

a.) Performance Factor:

On the comparison between Go and Node.js, Go language outperforms Node.js because of its low response time and loading time. Moreover, it provides optimum services in terms of CPU performance and memory-bound tasks. Node.js usually takes more time for implementing code as it depends on JavaScript. Hence, Golang has better performance than Node.js.

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b.) Maturity:

Node.js launched in the year 2009 while Go introduced in 2007, share an equal level of maturity and robustness. Golang is decent and more mature than Node.js because with several changing APIs, the developers may face issues while writing the Node modules.

c.) Scalability And Concurrency:

Golang offers great concurrency options than JavaScript and allows web developers to work with multiple threads at the same without using much of RAM. Node.js uses a mechanism based on a single thread, on the other hand, Golang uses Goroutines which is a light-weight thread managed by the Go runtime.

d.) Developer Tools:

Node.js is more popular and has in-built solutions that simplify the development process and also reduce the time and cost for project development. Golang is a new language so it lacks some tools that are easily available by Node.js. It certainly provides enhanced tooling with a range of tools.

e.) Availability Of Web Developers

According to the statistics, JavaScript is certainly the most favorite language in the world and 62.1 percent of web developers are using it while only 4.9 percent using Golang. So, to find a suitable Node.js development team is much easier than Golang developers.

Benefits Of Node.Js And Golang Are Described Below:

Benefits of Node.js programming languageBenefits of Golang programming language
Quick process and event-based modelEasy and fast Development
Rich EcosystemScalability
Highly ExtensibleGarbage collection
Robust Technology StackConcurrency Model
Real-time data streamingLearning Capabilities
CachingClean Coding and cross-compiling


In this article, we have seen a detailed comparison Node.js programming language with Go Language and Swift Frameworks for backend development. Each of these have their benefits and drawbacks. It is not easy to select the best among these. Based on the performance and maturity, Golang is superior to Node.js but Node.js is easy to learn, offers a wide range of development tools, and more popular. The final choice for the backend development will solely depend on the project requirements.

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