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SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

SEO strategy has changed a lot in this year 2014,as the search engine giant Google rolled out several algorithm like Google Penguin,Panda and Hummingbird update in the past year 2013.These changes SERP(Search Engine Ranking Position) of many well popular blogs and many well performed seo blogs even failed to score well in search results due to this algorithm updates.

So many thoughts seo got died this days due to such algorithm updates but lately it got cleared that Google made this algorithm update to reduce webspam and to provide better searching experience for the users.So these algorithms just changed the so on seo strategy but didn’t kill it actually

Previously people used many spammy link bulding strategy to get good position for certain keywords on search results but now google made several changes to stop these spam.So that people put more effort to produce good quality for Google users instead of only using spammy link building strategy.

So if you wish to become a great seo expert then you need to walk along these algorithm updates else you’ll just completely get lost.So here we’re going to share some strategy to follow in this year 2014 to understand such algorithm updates.

SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

Content Is King:

Google is taking much more importance on content now.Building unique and quality content will definitely help you to maintain a good seo for your blog in this year.While creating a content you shouldn’t only take care of Google bots but also for the human user to get a good result.Building unique and quality will leads you to some regular visitor and returning visitors as well.Google always prefer those site who have well number of such visitors.

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Your blog true visitor will surely share your blog posts into their circle and so that you’re SMO(Social Media Optimization) also get boosted which indirectly effect onto your seo.Producing unique and quality article will give your blog some reputation and good authority,after these algorithm updates Google loves well authority blog more than before.

SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

Importance Of Social Media:

In these days social media took some great roles in the field of internet marketing.We already saw how facebook and twitter made their revolution throughout the internet.Facebook became just a common term to everyone.Following them pinterest,Instagram,Google Plus and many more making their successful journey to online world.

So your presence and activeness in these social networking sites will also help you to build your online business in terms of seo.As Google is spying on these sites to watch how active you are there and how much your contents are getting popularity by share or like,how much targeted audience you have there etc.

SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

Google Plus And Youtube:

Since Google build their social networking site Google plus and bought Youtube they are applying various strategy to increase their importance.As a part of that strategy they made these algorithm updates to introduce author rank for Google plus users.Google using these two sites for authority purposes.If you’re a video blogger then you must use youtube to get well authority and when it comes to social networking site you should go for google plus to get more engaged and active as they are belongs to Google.Several online entrepreneur already started using various groups on Google plus and putting videos youtube to build authority.

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Build A Mobile Version Of You Site:

According to the Google’s latest hummingbird algorithm update it is now essential to make a mobile version of your site.As mobile users are increasing day by day in all around the world so it is always recommended by Google to supply content for those users.

So while thinking of doing good seo for your blog you must need to take care of building a mobile version of your blog to get good results from Google.So mobile optimization is now an important facts to consider in terms of seo.

SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

Content Length:

Length of your blog post content taking a major role in this new seo policy of Google.Google taking extra care of detailed,well explained content instead of short content.So you must need to take care about length by producing detailed content but if still you’re producing short content you should make it well explained so that it could guide your blog reader and help them properly.So always try to make details,well explained and attractive content on your blog.

Guest Blogging:

While talking about seo,link building ultimately comes and Guest Blogging is a great way to do this properly.Though Google WebSpam Team Head Matt Cutts said guest blogging is dead but actually it’s just changed.Guest blogging is still have it’s importance but now Google concentrating more on the quality.

Instead of using guest blogging just as putting your link to high authority blogs it’s now to add some value to other’s blog.So if you’re using guest blogging to put some valuable content on other blogs google will also treat your blog in a good way by giving some visitor as a gift.

SEO In 2014: What You Think About It? Its Changed?

Some Other Facts:

1.) Long Keyword Selection:

As we all know selecting proper keyword for any article always help in seo,so Google is now concentrating more on long tail keywords selection instead of short tail keywords.So to do better seo you must need to select some long tail keywords of your niche.

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2.) Exact Match Domain(EMD):

Though many people said EMD lost it’s importance but if you do some online research you’ll find how exact match domain sites are doing good online business these days using traffics from search engines.

3.) High Authority And Aged Domain:

After the humming bird update Google giving priority to old and higher authority domains in their search results and those site’s content are taking top position.So unless your blog domain is old you need to wait to get trust from google.

2013 was really an amazing year in the field of seo,as google introduced several algorithm update,pagerank update after a pretty long time.As a result many popular blog’s lost their SERP,traffic and many more whether some unexpected blog owners performed great and got some well amount of organic traffic from google.Hope these above mentioned seo tips will help us to perform well seo in 2014 and upcoming years.

About the Author:
Hi,this is Debarpan Mukherjee, a young blogger,entrepreneur,engineering student from kolkata,India.A Technology addicted person.Blog on TechTrickHome and our one too.

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  1. Sony Ittiachan says:

    Your article cleared the doubts I had before in this field….. I was in search of information related with your post… Now the doubts were cleared .. So thumps Up!!! Make Money , Blogging Tips

  2. indrajith says:

    Link building will be dead in the coming future, and will be a time of link earning.

    We will have to earn links. Google never tell to build links to promote website. Since link pointing to the website is a ranking factor, SEO industry is building links to manipulate the website results. Do you think Google like people to manipulate the search results? The ways which we used to built links over the years are marked as spam. Read more> Is SEO Dead

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Yes, You Are Some Percent Sure But Not. Still PR Base Upon Pagerank And All Search Engine Game Is Based Upon SEO So Without SEO, How They Get Results?

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