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How AI Is Solving Real World Problems Via Mobile Applications?

Today’s world is full of technology. No matter whether you are sleeping or doing a workout, shopping or travelling, driving a car, or even travelling in a bus, something that you’ll have common in all of those activities is Interaction with Artificial Intelligence.

Nowadays, websites and apps can customize them according to your need and preference and provide the content you want without actually telling them. Markets are now in your pockets and the product delivery is just one tap away. These are just a couple of examples of what AI is capable of.

And we as civilized humans don’t even how much room is still left to grow in this field and are still unaware of the true caliber of Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple words, artificial intelligence is one of the segments of computer science and maybe the most dominating one. It aims to make a machine think and work like a human that can take decisions on its own and possess the same intelligence as of human or even more.

By doing this, they are made capable of problem-solving and learning from past trends. For instance, if a person visits any website then the website tends to store his/her stats for future use like retention rate, where did he/she click the most, etc.

This not only helps to get detailed feedback from the user but also helps to know his/her preference. This way the website alters itself and provides the content you want to see.

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And the cache memory stored is known as “Cookie”.

Companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, and other business giants use artificial intelligence and also hire mobile app developers in India to enhance their productivity and give their customers more personified service hence, making them feel special.

Why Incorporate AI In IOS Development?

Developers from all over the world are switching over to use AI in IOS development. Incorporating AI lets the software learn like a human, enables reasoning and decision-making while exploring the meaning of various words.

Moreover, with AI, developers and other software companies are now able to provide real-time customer support by using a Chatbot. This has assisted consumers while using the company’s product. On the other hand, advantage like app personalization, contextual search result, etc. adds to produce a better app flow and customer retention rate.

Virtual assistants like Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa are great examples of AI. Not only do they enable us contextual search results but, they can also learn like humans and also memorize data, and can provide them by voice search whenever required.


How Do App Developers Employ AI In Improving App Development?

  • Learning: Technologies like Artificial intelligence are great at learning new things. Such kinds of technologies are developed so that past trends can be examined to predict future problems and their respective solutions.
    Many android app development companies in the USA tend to hire engineers who can incorporate these features as they are also used by many big organizations to examine their prior performance for decision-making in the future.
    Developers make the AI store all the information so that it can also be used when a particular problem occurs periodically. Therefore, they have all the right moves and solutions for upcoming problems.
  • Reasoning: Developers also integrate reasoning abilities in AI by creating the right inferences to the circumstances. Nowadays, the software can reason like a human and hence, they have become more sensitive than ever.
    Their reasoning has enhanced the user interaction and made them more useful and interesting to use. This way they are not just being a normal machine that just does a puppet walk but now they have turned into an intelligent machine.
  • Problem Solving: Another ability that is more and more used by developers for Problem-solving. This is just another way that app developers can employ AI to improve apps development.
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Alone AI is now able to solve various modern-day problems like improving and automating complicated tasks, analyzing a huge amount of data in real-time with accuracy and efficiency. Not to mention, that problem-solving in AI has a great contribution to cybersecurity, health care, reducing energy costs, by using alternative or more effective material in a project, business growth, etc.

Henceforth, it becomes a must for an app developer to use AI to improve applications to make them more effective.

AI Apps For iOS:

  • AirPoly: AirPoly is an amazing app that aims to be the ‘eyes’ of visually impaired persons. It uses artificial intelligence to detect an object in front of the camera lens.  Apart from that, it can detect and identify 3 objects in just a single second. This shows that the application can see and think like a human.
  • Cortana: Cortana is another cool virtual assistant that you can hire for free. It is an AI that serves as a virtual assistant and can keep all your track records. This software can arrange meetings, send emails, and also remind you about your prominent tasks and priority. Moreover, this can also be used to store information like passwords, usernames, etc., security, as well as the assurance of Microsoft, can guarantee you reliability and safety.
  • ELSA: This English teaching app can make you pronounce English words correctly. English Language Speech Assistant or ELSA is an AI software that can let you know the correct pronunciation of a word. Being a helpful tool for non-native English speakers, it is also an AI app for iPhone app development.
  • Siftr Magic: This app is very unique from the list. Siftr magic uses artificial intelligence to detect unwanted photos that are occupying a lot of space in your iPhone. This app recommends deleting them to free up your space. This is only able due to image recognition technology that detects any unnecessary photo in your gallery.
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On a concluding note, this was how AI can solve real-life problems via software and intelligent device through ML (Machine learning). AI has have impacted our lives in both positive and negative ways and there is still a lot of potentials is still left in this technology.

Prashant PujaraAbout the Author:

Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, a renowned website and mobile app development company in USA specialized in Android and iOS apps. He has over ten years of app development expertise, with a particular focus on mobile app development for various platforms, including flutter and react-native.

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