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20 Facebook Messenger Tricks You Are Not Aware Of

It is no secret that we are currently transcending into the digital realm as the world is undergoing some major changes. The borders between the real world and the virtual world are getting more and more seamless, and the main reason for this is the fact that pretty much everything that required a physical presence in the old days can now be done through our smartphones.

Indeed, today we have an app for pretty much anything: we can get a taxi in a matter of a couple of clicks, build a strong network of contacts through registering a profile on LinkedIn, read the most up to date news by simply checking Twitter, and, of course, contact all of our friends and reach out to distant relatives via Facebook. A technology that used to be a strange innovation just a decade ago is now accessible to everyone. Over the past couple of years, Facebook Messenger has become one of the largest platforms for communication that effectively connects people worldwide, allowing them to always be in touch with each other. It is the top mobile app with several downloads. In fact, according to the statistics, there are more than 1.3 billion active Facebook Messenger users, conversing on the app daily.

However, while a lot of people do, indeed, enjoy the perks of the app, only a small proportion of Facebook Messenger users use it to the fullest. The truth is, while originally designed specifically for sending and receiving instant messages on the Internet, Facebook Messenger is now much more than just that. Here are 20 Facebook Messenger tricks that you are not yet aware of, but which will come in handy and make your user experience much more diverse and pleasant. Try them out right now!

Table of Contents

#1) Location Sharing:

Making plans is hard, but what is even harder is locating the person you are to meet in a crowded place or an unknown part of the city. Trying to explain where a certain location is can be difficult and not always efficient, especially if there are no signs around. Well, struggle no more! Thanks to the location sharing feature you can show your friends exactly where you are by sharing your precise location on the map. You can do so by jumping into the dialogue with the person you want to see your whereabouts and hitting the three dots that would let you choose the Location option.

One of the biggest concerns related to this feature that needs to be addressed is, of course, privacy. However, you shall not be worried as you can delete your location data from Facebook if you want to.

#2) Video And Voice Calls:

Sometimes sending messages is just not enough to communicate an idea. It could be due to a variety of reasons starting from you wishing you deliver your thoughts faster, wanting to see the real-life reaction of the person you talk to or just you wishing to hear the voice of them. No matter why you would prefer video or voice calls to instant messages, Facebook Messenger provides you an opportunity to make them on the app. It is completely free of charge, too! To start a voice or video call, just press the buttons at the top of the dialogue window.

#3) Adding Nicknames:

We all have a couple of friends that we are only used to call by their nicknames and get confused seeing their real name as stated on Facebook. While this is the feature we could most definitely have survived without, it is still a cool trick to customize the contacts on your Facebook Messenger. Just click on the name of the person you would like to rename, and you should see the option to add a nickname.

#4) Use It At The Airport:

This is one of the most useful tricks on the list as not only it is fun, but also very practical. Some airlines give passengers the option to get their flight updates via Facebook Messenger. Stay up to date and do not miss any information regarding your upcoming flight simply by enabling this feature.

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Apart from that, you can also use your Facebook Messenger as your boarding pass.

#5) Money Transfer:

There are plenty of money transfer apps such as Venmo and PayPal, and even your online banking app, but why downloading all of those if you can send money directly via Facebook Messenger? Just jump into the chat with the person you owe a coin to, clock the three dots and choose the Payments option. The first time you do it, you will have to connect a debit card to your Facebook Messenger account, but after that, you will be able to proceed to the payment automatically.

#6) Changing The Conversation Color:

This is not the most useful feature, but still a nice one. What would not you do or the aesthetics? Change the color of your conversation according to your preference! For example, you can coordinate your business and personal chats and make them all different colors to never get them confused.

#7) Checking Message Requests:

On Facebook Messenger, you can chat with people that you are not connected to as well as with those who are in the list of your contacts. To see whether you have any conversation requests, head to Settings > People > Message Requests.

#8) Taking Photos In Messenger:

If you need to take a picture ASAP and wasting a split second could ruin the moment, good news for you! You no longer have to go to the camera app as you can take photos in Messenger.

#9) Mega Like Things:

It is just one of the features that are nice to have just because. Express how much you liked something you have been sent by giving it a super like!


#10) Up Your GIF Game:

You can significantly enhance your Facebook Messenger experience by installing compatible apps. One of such apps is GIF keyboards like GIPHY that would seriously up your GIF game. And what could be a bolder move than a good old animated picture to reinforce your point?

#11) Desktop Version Of Facebook Messenger:

While it is hard to believe someone in the 21st century would not have their phone glued to their hand, sometimes it happens we cannot have access to it. That is when the desktop version of Facebook Messenger comes in handy.

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#12) Ordering An Uber Ride:

If you tap the three dots and select Transportation, you will be taken to Uber where you can request a ride.

#13) Enhance Your Conversation With Stickers:

Choose one of the multiple sticker packs, add them and use to deliver what you mean to the recipient.

#14) Social Media Cleanse With Muted Notifications:

Even though the whole point of having an instant messenger installed is to always be available to your contacts, this can sometimes be very distracting. If you need to concentrate on work instead of looking at your phone every time it chimes alerting you about a new message in your massive group chat, you can mute notifications either forever or for a set period.

#15) Previews Removal:

Sometimes it is best to keep your correspondence completely private. You can do it by stopping Messenger from displaying the contents of the new message on the lock screen notification.

#16) Alter Your Pictures:

You can draw on your pictures right in the Messenger, to make it clear for the receiver what you want to say with your photo.

#17) Share Music In Messenger:

This is particularly relevant to our fellow Spotify users. You can send Spotify tracks via Facebook Messenger.

#18) Play Games On Facebook Messenger:

This is a hidden trick only a few people know about. You can start a basketball game simply by sending a basketball emoji to your opponent and then tapping on the message.

#19) Send Photos Using Facial Recognition Tool:

One of the hottest tools provided by Facebook Messenger is Photo magic. If you turn it on, it will notify you when it detects a new photo with a certain friend on your phone and will suggest you share it with them.

#20) Virtual Assistant Facebook M:

You can access a personal virtual assistant that is the Facebook Messenger Siri.

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