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Top 7 Categories Of Websites You Can Create

The Internet is quite a thing of the present day. It has completely changed the world. The Internet affects almost every aspect of life in some way. Entertainment, Knowledge, Health or any other field, the internet is everywhere. It has rightly to be this way with more than 3 billion active users of internet around the globe. There are websites for everything like movie ticket bookings, shopping, train or plane ticket bookings, banking or health. There is nothing which is untouched by the influence of the internet.

With so much influence internet is dominating in every aspect of our life. So many websites and applications are being developed every day for various purposes. The aim of most of these websites is to increase  the revenues by direct or indirect measures, they prove to be very useful for everyone in the modern era.

Let us have a look on some of the major categories of websites:

1.) eCommerce Websites:

This is one field which has taken the internet by storm. Shopping sites provide the users an opportunity to commerce online which is more commonly known as eCommerce. It has redefined the shopping domain completely. Online shopping has become very popular in recent years and it is going to grow more popular in coming future. One of the best things about these sites is that you can buy stuff from a variety of categories like apparels,fashion accessories, electronic goods etc. Some of the famous shopping websites are,, and

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2.) Science And Education:

These are the websites which help in learning and education. It includes website from different subcategories like technology, social science or environment. These sites use video or audio content in the form of individual episodes or singular film devoted to science and scientific exploration helping in educating the people. Some of the leading websites in this category are, etc.

3.) Media Streaming And Movies:

These are those websites which offer audio or video streaming services. You can enjoy videos or audios from a rich online library of these sites. Youtube is a common name in this category. Other such famous sites are: Netflix and IMDB.

4.) News And Entertainment:

This category includes the sites which provide you with the latest information and news about the political happenings, sporting events or climate conditions around the world. is a top rated website of this category. Google news is another such website.

5.) Finance:

These websites are those providing the financial information. These sites may also include the financial services in their features. You can easily get financial news, stock exchange rates or corporate financial reports on these sites. Yahoo finance is one of such websites.

6.) Social Media Sites:

This is something which needs no introduction. Social media platforms enable you communal sharing. These websites have provided the users a chance to connect and share their views. These sites have got immense popularity in the recent past. They provide you with so many features to present yourself. You can do a whole lot of things with social media sites. You can post you images, share your views, chat, voice chat and so many other things.  These sites have become a medium of promotions and advertising as well. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin  are commonly Known names in this category.

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7.) Search Portals:

Search portals are websites which provide you with the freedom of searching almost anything. There are search portals like Wikipedia, Google and Yahoo search. Google provides you the links related to your search and on Wikipedia you can find any information from old dynasties to the latest modern technologies.

Marie ThomasAbout the Author:

Marie Thomas is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd., a wordpress theme web development company based in USA. If you need to hire a WordPress Developer connect with her.

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  1. ranjan raja says:

    blogging platforms can be added as a category

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    Hi Marie,
    The Blog was worth reading. However I would like to add one type to the list you have mentioned.
    Event management websites can also be built.
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    But it is not enough category for web site design many also design ..
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