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Is There A Genuine Career In Blogging?

Is There A Genuine Career In Blogging?

For everybody who is stuck out there in the “the grind”, working a 9-5 job five days a week, there is another person who is not making a dime but working as many hours. These unfortunate types are trying to create the dream job for themselves — being able to work from home, for themselves, at their own pace. Countless thousands spend all of their time and resources trying to earn a living from running a blog.

Real Opportunity Does Exist In Blogging:

Like every other form of online marketing and prospecting, there is a significant amount of time and trial and error involved in finding success. Blogs require money to set up and run, not least including your hosting and the like. So, if you are considering packing in your career in the office, don’t be too down heartened by the above — blogging as a career is more than possible with the right mentality.

The majority of failed blogs follows three specific patterns-

  • Lack of consistency — Many new bloggers lack consistency. They do not regularly update the blog regularly. Most of the new bloggers quit half way through. Then again start blogging to abandon it again.
  • Lack of quality — If you don’t provide quality content to your visitors then your blog might fail to make an impression. Make sure to provide an engaging post for your audience.
  • The message and theme of the site change all the time — As a blogger, you need to stick to a particular niche. Jumping from one topic to another, especially when you don’t have knowledge about it can prove to be a game spoiler for your blog.
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If you are looking at blogging as a career, you need to have a message and a style that you stick to all of the time. Too many bloggers see themselves as star writers, then give up before things can even get going! The pressure of satisfying a growing readership base, as well as trying to come up with the new content, can be too much for some.

Is There A Genuine Career In Blogging?

Know The Nitty – Gritty Of Blogging:

The importance of actually building your schedule and life around your blog is understated by many out there. To create quality content, you need to be prepared to sink a lot of your time into research and mastering your writing style. This means scheduling everything you do around your blog. If this is your sole source of income, or you want it to be, it needs time and commitment put into the project. It’s not going to become a cash cow on its own.

You also need to be prepared to invest. Hiring SEO experts and other freelancers out there to give you the boost in traffic and publicity that you need is going to be a huge part of marketing your blog. So, if you are looking into blogging as a career, try and remember that it’s a business model not a mess around, especially if you have high hopes and aspirations for your blog.

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When you start a business, you chalk out a proper plan. You judge all the pros and cons of the business. You pay attention to all the details such as the money that you would require to invest, the manpower, the infrastructure and so on. Similarly, to take up blogging as a career you need to dig deeper into all aspects of blogging.

Clear All Blogging Misconceptions:

A career in blogging can be highly rewarding if you implement things in a practical way. You also need to get rid of various misconceptions such as-

  • Blogging is a get rich quick scheme.
  • You don’t need to invest in your blog.
  • You can start earning right away.
  • You need to spend just a few hours a week for blogging.
  • There is no hard work involved in blogging.

If you are able to get over the misconceptions then you could well be on your way to a successful career in blogging.

Don’t ever doubt, that blogging can be a massively important and financially successful tool for you. You can bring in different types of readers, and the niche that you work in is entirely up to you — the world is literally your oyster with blogging as a career, you simply need to treat it as such.

About the Author:
My name Is Tanveer Siddiqui. I am a full time blogger. I like to write about Blogging,SEO and Work from Home. I like to research on topics related to SEO and Blogging. You can check my blog at

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