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Mobile Productivity Apps That Will Improve Your Workflow

Mobile Productivity Apps That Will Improve Your Workflow

How we work has shifted greatly, since the introduction of cloud and cloud computing, it is possible to work from anywhere without compromising your work. For you to be able to work flawlessly and to maximize your output, you can use a number of applications, on different devices to give you the edge in cloud computing.

For those who miss that feel of an actual office, you can customize your devices and your home office so that you have that your recreate that office feel, with the added benefits of using cloud computing.


This little app helps you become more productive in terms of documents and document sharing. You have the ability to share documents with your coworkers, and you can also share with vendors and partners as well. No more attachments that may or may not work. With instant feedback, if anything goes wrong, you will know it.


A social task management tool that lets you check and set tasks for teams. You do not have to write down what you have to do on paper and lose it somewhere anymore. Now, you can just log in, check what you need to do, or what your team has to do. You can better distribute your work time and manage your deadlines.

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If you need to carry your work with you and you cannot bring your laptop, this app will let you connect with either your desktop or laptop from any other device. Now, even if you are stuck in traffic, you can finish your work without frustration or having to worry that you will have to rush work.

Certainly a must have app as it has easy access, fast performance and very good reliability. It will help you become more efficient and productive.

Mobile Productivity Apps That Will Improve Your Workflow

Genius Scan:

It is frustrating to transfer scrawled notes from any piece of paper without a scanner, but with the help of Genius Scan you can scan anything and turn it into an easy to use PDF document that you can easily share and modify. No more blurry pictures or questionable content that neither you nor your coworkers can make out.


A simple, yet very helpful application that is great for anyone who needs to save an idea immediately or it will be gone forever. A simple to use interface that will allow different ways to save your ideas and also share them with your coworkers for an easy and more productive brainstorming collaboration session.

Google Drive:

One of the best choices to work from home is to use Google Drive. A very good and easy to use cloud drive that lets you share, modify, upload and create documents and anything on the go. You can synchronize it across all your devices and work from anywhere at any time of the day. Truly, a mobile office.

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With Google Drive, you can work on projects collaboratively with your colleagues, simultaneously, which helps you improve your work and efficiency.


If you get caught up in a meeting or a project and realize you are risking being late for another appointment or miss on a family chore, you are compromising your time and effort both ways. By installing Checkmark you benefit from never getting yourself in a situation like that again. The app allows setting a schedule of events based on their location and time of occurrence in an easy and user-friendly way — three taps to set a reminder, with no space for an error.

Setting a reminder has never been that simple, and in your busy day this will come in very handy.


Disregard the odd name of this app, but focus on all the benefits it can bring you. It is designed to improve your productivity from any location, even if it’s necessary to manage your inventory online. If you need to set up delivery (it is linked to UPS and FedEX) or even manage your credit cards and process orders, this app is the best choice there is.


Podio is a free app for Android and iOs which allows you to become a project management expert by letting business users to collaborate all across the world. By using tools offered you can manage any business task or project, with information available to all of your team members, and making management of dates, content and organization that much easier. It is all-in-one organizer that brings your business systematization to a new level.

About the Author:
Leana Thorne is a devoted blogger and a regular contributor to several tech blogs. She enjoys exploring new internet technologies and sharing newly found information, and loves writing, for it allows her to always be of help. Currently is writing for ROF Australia.

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