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Best Tips To Launch Your Perfect Mobile App

Done with the coding- What’s next? When you complete the development of an application, do not delay on planning out on how to market it smartly. The quantity of mobile applications is consistently expanding in the application stores, in this way, it is making application market aggressive.

Application architects and promotional divisions are taking the publicizing and releasing of application to another level. Launch of a mobile application is considered as one of the essential components in application development. The elements that would determine the accomplishment of your applications along with the needs and requirements of the market, your technique for releasing your app and UI/UX amongst others. Today, the eighty nine percent. In this way, it should be strategize skillfully.

Here Is The Complete Guide To A Perfect Launch Of A Mobile App:

It’s a common assumption that exercises related to launching of a mobile app, begin after an application is published on application stores. Well, this is a complete wrong thought. Indeed, you begin your launch process right during the process of development of app. The following are few trusted ways which can help you in strategizing pre-launch of your mobile app.


1.) How Do You Define Success?

Pen down your success point, how would you like to position your app in the market. Planning this before launch will allow you to focus on having a successful launch. Following are the points of what you need to keep a check of.

  • Number of downloads
  • Conversion rates
  • Number of uninstallation
  • User reviews
  • Ratings and feedbacks
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2.) Do You Know Whom Your App Is Targeting?

If you’re unaware of the fact of who are your targeted group is, you would be unable to develop an application according to their persona. The advertising of your application must begin and consistent according to your audience’s likings, needs and requirements. Your target group must know.

  • If the app is paid or free
  • Which mobile OS it supports
  • Which category it falls upon

3.) How Would You Like To Name It?

The name of an application should be innovative and fresh. It must be searchable. For making it searchable you can tag appropriate keywords as it can help your imminent end-users of your application effortlessly.

4.) Did You Thought About Its Icon?

Logo and screenshots plays a pivotal part in drawing the attention and interest of your target group to see and download your application from the app stores. Consequently, it should be done smartly and innovatively. Screenshots would help in catching the eyeballs of prospective users. Handpick screenshots considering yourself as an end user, especially your target audience.

5.) Have You Done A Search On Keywords?

You must be well versed with the importance of keyword, right? Keywords helps you in gaining recognition in the market. Think from your user’s perspective, they see keyword as the catchphrase which they type on app store, to search an app.

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6.) Is Your Landing Page Ready?

To produce a buzz of your application, you should make a great and appealing landing page. It can offer you some assistance with developing an awareness of your application and will build a strong client base. You can also market your landing page through different strategies, to grab the interest of your end users. If you wish you can also add call-to-action welcoming visitors to download your application.

7.) Which App Store Should You Choose?

Initially, pick one application store for releasing your application. This would help you to hit your targeted group more effectively. Step by step, you will outfit to do required changes and redesigns. Once your application gets to be well known, you can extend it to all the other application stores.

8.) Any Plans For Marketing Your App?

Many application fails due to of the late contribution in promoting and marketing. To achieve popularity, you need to get involved into the market, as soon as possible. It is advisable, to start promoting your application right before it pre-launch. It additionally makes the buzz by sharing the special and distinctive features you would have in your mobile application.

9.) Have You Started Promoting Your On Social Media?

If not then start doing it right away. Your social advertising campaigns can incorporate memes, interesting pictures and recordings. You can say about the benefits of using your application or what is so interesting about your app.

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Tick down  the previously stated focuses in the predefined stages to acquire a sure shot success in launching your apps. If you fail to follow any of the aforementioned points, your competitor would be the ultimate beneficiary.

Ritesh PatilAbout the Author:

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile application. He works in a leading android development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.

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