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5 Things You Cannot Ignore While Choosing Your SEO Partner

Selecting the most suitable SEO Company in India is indeed a great challenge that lies in front of website owners. There are truly a large number of fraud companies vying for your bucks, so you need to be very careful, particularly keeping in mind that SEO is a long-term solution, and your web presence depends a lot on it. Here are five things which you should never forget to consider while choosing an SEO company for your business.

1.) Experience:

It is very important to go for a company that has an experienced team. In order to have an idea of the work experience, check out the portfolio of the service provider in question. A rich and diverse portfolio definitely indicates good amount of cumulative experience in the field and ensures that the company has served clients across various industries.

2.) Realistic Offerings:

Companies that give 100% guarantees may sound cool, but look carefully, and you will notice certain things that are too good to be real. Choose an SEO company in India that offers realistic solutions, because no one has the capability to provide 100% guarantee for rankings, given the fact that the search algorithms are beyond the control of any company. Therefore any promises regarding top rankings on an overnight basis should immediately raise an alarm.

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3.) White-hat Practices:

Enquire from your agency regarding the type of strategies used by the SEO team and they should be able to explain it to you in layman terms. Keep a close watch for anything that sounds unethical or manipulative. Remember that companies which follow ethical practices will not hesitate to answer any of your questions regarding the strategies used.


4.) Comprehension Of All SEO Levels:

Complete SEO provided by an established SEO company in India involves three levels of tasks:

  • The technical level, which is related to the site’s structure, determining how easily your site can be crawled by the search engines and the content can be indexed
  • On-page optimization which involves usage of HTML tags and keywords for boosting search engine traffic to the website
  • Off-page optimization which includes activities like link building

You need a team that will incorporate all these strategies to give you comprehensive SEO solutions.

5.) Fitted To Company Culture:

The SEO experts you hire should be capable of interacting with varied teams across different areas of your business such as customer service, IT, marketing, sales and analytics. This is very essential in order to understand the business as a whole and provide solutions accordingly. In short, the communication style and personality of the SEO Company in India much match the organization or business which it is serving.

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Apart from possessing all these characteristics the company which you would be hiring should be passionate about the job, and should be a go-getter to deliver appropriate results. Moreover, since SEO is a collaborative process, the company must be able to clearly communicate what needs to be done to bring about the desired impact.

Yatindra SinghAbout the Author:

Yatindra Singh have more than 12 years of experience in technology and digital marketing industry. After heading technology and digital marketing departments in multiple companies, he has started his own venture Digital Flic and serving clients all over the world with primary focus on Magento based ecommerce websites and digital marketing including Google Adwords, LindedIn Promotions, Facebook Advertisements and Organic SEO. With his digital marketing agency, he is helping organisations in achieving their business objectives by driving quality traffic from all available sources and getting positive ROI for all clients.

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