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Simple And Stylish “Scroll To Top” Fancy Buttons In Blog

Simple And Stylish "Scroll To Top" Fancy Buttons For Blogspot

Scroll to Top button control is a great addition for blogs with long posts. You can see a button like that right on this blog. There are many jQuery solutions which allow your visitors to smoothly scroll to the top of a page, in this post I will show you the easiest way to add a Scroll to Top Button with Jquery effect. That’s all. Hope you like it !

1.) Stylish Hover Design.
2.) Smooth Scrolling To Upward.
3.) Show When You Scroll The Page Down.
4.) Easy To Install.
5.) Quick To Load.

How To Add In Blogspot?

1.) Go To Your
2.) Open Your Desire Blog.
3.) Go To Layout.
4.) Click “Add A Gadget” Where You Want To Add It.
5.) Now Scroll To “HTML-JAVASCRIPT”
6.) Click “+” Icon To Add It.
7.) Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It To There.
8.) Leave The Title Empty.
9.) Click Save, Now You Are Done.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" >
var scrolltotop={
//startline: Integer. Number of pixels from top of doc scrollbar is scrolled before showing control
//scrollto: Keyword (Integer, or "Scroll_to_Element_ID"). How far to scroll document up when control is clicked on (0=top).
setting: {startline:100, scrollto: 0, scrollduration:1000, fadeduration:[500, 100]},
controlHTML: '<img src="" />', //HTML for control, which is auto wrapped in DIV w/ ID="topcontrol"
controlattrs: {offsetx:5, offsety:5}, //offset of control relative to right/ bottom of window corner
anchorkeyword: '#top', //Enter href value of HTML anchors on the page that should also act as "Scroll Up" links
state: {isvisible:false, shouldvisible:false},
if (!this.cssfixedsupport) //if control is positioned using JavaScript
this.$control.css({opacity:0}) //hide control immediately after clicking it
var dest=isNaN(this.setting.scrollto)? this.setting.scrollto : parseInt(this.setting.scrollto)
if (typeof dest=="string" && jQuery('#'+dest).length==1) //check element set by string exists
this.$body.animate({scrollTop: dest}, this.setting.scrollduration);
var $window=jQuery(window)
var controlx=$window.scrollLeft() + $window.width() - this.$control.width() - this.controlattrs.offsetx
var controly=$window.scrollTop() + $window.height() - this.$control.height() - this.controlattrs.offsety
this.$control.css({left:controlx+'px', top:controly+'px'})
var scrolltop=jQuery(window).scrollTop()
if (!this.cssfixedsupport)
this.state.shouldvisible=(scrolltop>=this.setting.startline)? true : false
if (this.state.shouldvisible && !this.state.isvisible){
this.$control.stop().animate({opacity:1}, this.setting.fadeduration[0])
else if (this.state.shouldvisible==false && this.state.isvisible){
this.$control.stop().animate({opacity:0}, this.setting.fadeduration[1])
var mainobj=scrolltotop
var iebrws=document.all
mainobj.cssfixedsupport=!iebrws || iebrws && document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat" && window.XMLHttpRequest //not IE or IE7+ browsers instandards mode
mainobj.$body=(window.opera)? (document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat"? $('html') : $('body')) : $('html,body')
mainobj.$control=$('<div id="topcontrol">'+mainobj.controlHTML+'</div>')
.css({position:mainobj.cssfixedsupport? 'fixed' : 'absolute', bottom:mainobj.controlattrs.offsety, right:mainobj.controlattrs.offsetx, opacity:0, cursor:'pointer'})
.attr({title:'Scroll Back to Top'})
.click(function(){mainobj.scrollup();return false})
if (document.all && !window.XMLHttpRequest && mainobj.$control.text()!='') //loose check for IE6 and below, plus whether control contains any text
mainobj.$control.css({width:mainobj.$control.width()}) //IE6- seems to require an explicit width on a DIV containing text
$('a[href="' + mainobj.anchorkeyword +'"]').click(function(){
return false
$(window).bind('scroll resize', function(e){

Stylish "Scroll To Top & Down" Fancy Buttons For Chrome

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22 Responses to “Simple And Stylish “Scroll To Top” Fancy Buttons In Blog”

  1. George Sin says:

    Thanks for the share brother. I was looking out for this code and i got your website. You have explained it really well. Thanks..

  2. Shubham Garg says:

    it looks awsome in my blog.
    Thnx dude for this valuable information.
    Pls one thing suggest me about blog i.e template for my blog.

  3. Mohit Gupta says:

    thnks ur site has useful infoss…
    looking for jobs??

  4. Debjyoti Das says:


  5. Ahmad Amsyar says:

    very style

  6. Mohit Gupta says:

    its working thanks ,,but i feel it a bit slow to scroll to top.. means it slowly take page to top not instant..

  7. Mohit Gupta says:

    Thanks buddy…

  8. Mohit Gupta says:

    can i shift it to left??

  9. Mohit Gupta says:

    Thanks man,,u r very helpful and hav solution of every problem,,

  10. Mohit Gupta says:

    Can you help me on a different topic? In my site Infolinks script are not working..please tell me whats the problem??
    URL is :

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