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Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework?

Talk about robust features, sophisticated syntax pattern, secure authentication mechanism, and an intuitive homestead, Laravel has it all. These attributes have made this framework a darling to many IT professionals in web development designing. Even better, the newest version Laravel 5.5 came with many features that a developer may need like configuration error handling and automation testing work. As a result, industry pundits have been debating on whether these additional features will complicate the work of developers to warrant Laravel developer salary increment. But that’s a story for another day.

In this article, we will dissect and analyze what makes Laravel the optimal choice framework in creating premium business software.

But before we do that…

What Exactly Is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework that is designed using Model-View-Controller model to help a Laravel developer to easily and quickly develop a website. In short, Laravel is a powerful framework that helps developers in building rapid advancement websites attached with admirable applications.

Although it’s mostly used to pull and edit info in the database, PHP as a back-end is also a great concept that most developers exploit when creating static and dynamic pages of a website. In fact, any PHP Laravel developer out there will appreciate the fact that the latest 5.6 version is absolutely splendid and flawless in advancing web design technologies.

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To show the strides this framework has made, UNION, Toyota Hall of fame, 9GAG, Camping World, CEENTA, Explore Georgia, Packet, Invite Watch, Utrip, etc. are some of the projects that utilize Laravel development. Even better, as at 2018, Laravel has 44,471 stars and 435+ contributors on GitHub.

Now that we know what Laravel is, let’s have a look at the major technical advantages that this framework presents and why it’s being used by many industries worldwide.

Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework For Development:

Authorization Technique:

Developers learning how to use Laravel will appreciate the fact that Laravel gives them the flexibility to implement authentication seamlessly. This is because it’s creatively modified to provide an easy way to implement control access to multiple resources and organize authorization logic.

As a result, web application owners can rest assured that access to websites is secured and unauthorized users are completely locked out.

Absolutely Customizable:

Another unique attribute of Laravel is that it’s open to extensive customization. This framework has everything that an individual with a business idea can turn it into an effective and powerful tool. Goes without saying, Laravel features pre-designed packages although they can be customized to match specific business needs. Since developers can influence how a particular website is structured, it means that the Laravel framework gives them the flexibility to just do that.

As an added feature, third parties like Slack and SMS can also be integrated into the application not forgetting that a possible future Laravel migration becomes easy.

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Object-Oriented Libraries:

Another reason why Laravel is a top contender in the race of best contenders is the OO Libraries. Authentication libraries are one of the most popular pre-installed libraries which are conspicuously absent in other prevalent PHP frameworks. Although it has multiple advanced features like hashing, Bcrypt, CSRF protection, encryption, and password reset, it’s is extremely easy to implement.

Fast Turnaround Time:

A fast development cycle is important in PHP web development and Laravel helps developers just do that. This is made possible by the set of libraries and helpers that this framework comes with. As a result, developers can effortlessly provide excellent user experience without necessarily spending countless hours developing a deeply customized solution to meet their client’s needs.



This is a built-in tool provided by the framework that allows for interaction within the framework using a dedicated command line to create and handle the project environment. Artisan also allows developers to manually troubleshoot redundant programming tasks.


In any project, there are always constraints one of them being the financial aspect. No organization would be brave enough to go overboard on their spending especially if it’s a new company that’s not sure of whether the investment will pay off. Since Laravel utilizes pre-installed modules, this not only allows for scalability and customization when a company wants to build a website but also lower developmental cost.

Model View Control Support:

Another aspect that makes Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks is that it supports MVC Architecture. This ensures clarity in logic and presentation. Model View Control also helps improve performance, multiple functionalities, and better documentation.

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Unit Testing:

Another important aspect of Laravel is the Unit Testing option. These are helper options that come in handy in allowing the website users and owners to seamlessly test their applications. On top of that, applications require several other tests to be performed to get rid of unexpected breakdowns even if the developer implements new updates.


Caching temporarily stores data for faster future use and retrieval. Laravel provides for a unified API for multiple caching systems which simplifies switching out of the drivers for users. Some of the popular caching back-ends that are supported by this framework are Memcached and Redis.

Automatic Package Discovery:

This amazing feature helps detect the pages the users want to install automatically. Simply put, the users aren’t obliged to create providers or aliases to install brand-new packages. Even better, the APD can be disabled when not needed.


This rich template allows developers to write with HTML. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve plus it’s easy to choose the appropriate syntax.

Final Remarks:

Laravel has gained a massive following among developers thanks to its incredible features and an extensive community support that helps developers overcome occasional issues while working on their projects. Moreover, developers looking to learn Laravel face an easy approach especially when it comes to routing. The framework works great when building simple JSON APIs or massive enterprise-grade applications, and easily test them using Unit Testing. All these attributes compounded make Laravel the best PHP framework to work with.

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