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Some Interesting PGDM Courses That Are Emerging Today

A PGDM is supposed to be a passport to the most stunning corporate job profiles. There is an increasing demand for qualified and adequately trained professionals in diverse sectors. This has made way for customized courses to equip a person pursuing higher studies, with the relevant skills and proper training.

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is actually a post-graduation degree in business administration that helps in preparing students to take the challenges of running a business or performing administrative jobs. He could become an entrepreneur in his own right and come up with a brilliant start-up or he could get a high-flying job in the core corporate world in any professionally managed organization. The core MBA curriculum would be including marketing, accounting, finance, operation management and even human resources.

The Emerging Industry Trends:

Today MBA and PGDM courses are no longer restricted to Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. Most B-schools are offering PGDM programs in diverse streams that have been custom tailored to cater to the present-day requirements of the industry. These courses, even if not affiliated to any recognized university, unlike the regular MBA degree, are pretty well-accepted by organizations today. As such, numerous students are pursuing these PGDM courses. Fresh graduates and even working professionals are known to take up PGDM Mumbai courses. Here are a few examples of emerging PGDM courses.

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Public Policy And Management:

Public Policy & Management is all about finding effective solutions to the diverse challenges and issues associated with the framing of policies. This PGDM course is aimed at helping professionals in handling new challenges in terms of poverty, liberalization, crisis and social exclusion. This course is supposed to sharpen the analytical and conceptual skills of the future public policy makers. This program is just right for students who wish to gain sound knowledge about the whole policy making process. They would be getting adequately trained in economics, ethics, public leadership, management, and politics.

Job Profile: You could get involved in the field of development & policy and work for international organizations, multilateral and bilateral organizations, as a freelance consultant for both government and non-governmental organizations. You could get vast opportunities to work as researchers, academicians, and journalist too.


International Business:

This course acts as a stepping stone to the amazing global business world. PGDM on International business helps students in getting ready with sound knowledge of both small scale and large scale business. Students are able to acquire highly specialized skills. After completion of this PGDM course, managers would be suitably equipped with sound knowledge, acumen, and skills for understanding the complexities and challenges of international business and tackle cross-market and cross-culture challenges efficiently.

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Job Profiles: You get to assume the roles of an International Business Analyst, International Account Executive, Trade Commissioner, etc.

Entrepreneurship Management:

Entrepreneurship Management is an interesting and unique career opportunity for all those people who are interested in setting up their own businesses. If you wish to be your own boss, this is the PGDM course to opt for. This course would be grooming students towards identifying needs, developing vision, and taking actions accordingly. This course is just right for an individual who is hoping to manage the family business, or starting a new enterprise or taking up a job as entrepreneurial manager. The Entrepreneurship Management Program is a PGDM course that would be equipping you with the relevant skills and expertise for initiating, diversifying or even expanding business enterprises.

Job Profiles: Corporate Entrepreneur, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Social Entrepreneur.

Business Strategy:

This course is effective in getting students into management and administrative positions.  The students learn to develop basic strategy concept that they could be implementing in both corporate and business levels. The students are now better equipped to take crucial business decisions.

Job Profiles: This PGDM course would be helpful in getting you positions such as Strategic Manager, Business Analyst, Strategic IT Consultant, and many such positions involving business strategy making.

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Operations Management:

This is a highly specialized field that is dealing with the entire process of conversion of raw materials into the final products. Operations Management demands individuals to be adept at techno-managerial skills and expertise, who could effectively be in-charge of the implementation of the strategies, designing and controlling the entire conversion process.

Job Profiles: Warehouse Manager, Operation Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Forecasting Manager and others.


Remember that all PGDM courses are really intensive and would be requiring complete dedication and involvement on the part of the students. The program involves case studies, regular lectures and problem solving. All PGDM students are expected to be completely committed to this program. They should be paying attention in the classrooms and they must be super active in the field, where they could contribute fruitfully from what they have so far learned in the classroom.

Isabella RossellineeAbout the Author:Isabella Rossellinee is a career counselor who is currently attached to a not-for-profit organization. She runs a blog and recommends an efficient MBA PGDM Guide for pursuing your dream career.

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