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10 Things To Do For Successful SMM Strategy 2018

Millions and millions of words written on almost every subject over the internet, but still cracking a strong SMM strategy remains a mystery.

Internet- a hub of opportunities and communities. People from farthest corners of the world are interacting through social media platforms. These social media platforms scope is not confined to social interactions but also are facilitating businesses in several aspects. And these aspects require a reliable internet connection at all times. Give Xfinity tv and internet packages a try to avail high speeds on reasonable prices.

Every year several trends come and go by. It’s 2018 and so much has changed since its beginning. New SMM trends are emerging and your brand needs to make some changes in their strategy as social media has this rapidly changing environment. If you didn’t take the SMM seriously then now is the time to get serious about it, as 98% of digital users are sitting on social media platforms.

Ad prices are constantly increasing, and the trend is likely to continue in the future. So now is the time to devise yourself a strong SMM strategy which can benefit you in creating a successful campaign. Following are 10 handy tips to kick-start a successful SMM campaign:

Table of Contents

1.) Conduct A Thorough Research On Targeted Social Media Audience:

Social media networks offer exceptional depths of audience division. But the narrower your audience down the better results you will receive. When you market to especially introduce yourself to targeted audience or implant an idea into their minds then you’ll create content tailored according to their tastes. Customized and beautifully assembled thoughts can get you great returns on your investment.

In order to keep up with the growing complexities of social media platforms, every action and piece of content you post have to play a peculiar role towards progress. In case if a particular thing doesn’t work as it was expected, then formulate a procedure to retarget and hinge to make sure that targeted audience is only exposed to the content that actually resonates with them.

The best thing about social media platforms is that it allows you to analyze user behavior which helps in generating more relevant ads.

2.) Don’t Adopt Every Social Media Channel Possible:

Every social media platform cannot prove to be effective for your brand or business. Certainly, there is the reason why LinkedIn is the most effective platform for B2B marketing. Whereas on the other hand, Instagram is effective for the fashion industry. So choose social media channel according to your niche and don’t just take on all the platforms because not every platform is meant for your niche.

3.) Track The Success Of Your Strategy:

A great number of Likes, followers, and shares represent the success of your SMM strategy. I’d suggest you to not limit yourself to vanity metrics rather keep a thorough measure of reach, clicks and the overall engagement. Because engagements are going to get your brand noticed and will convert the potential customer into the potential lead.

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4.) Do Not Forget About The Mobile:

Mobile phones are the most extensive used device for browsing over the internet. So keep the potential customers sitting on their mobile phones scrolling their screens in mind while creating an SMM strategy.

5.) Keep An Eye Out For The Existing And New Social Media Algorithms:

Keeping an eye out for the new trends and algorithms over the social media is very important. New algorithms judge the quality of content on different parameters. Generate the content by keeping those parameters and potential customers in mind.


6.) Visual Content:

Video content is always a winner on social media platforms. According to stats gathered in 2018, 82% of the social media traffic is being generated by video content. Though video content cost higher than other formats but Facebook also presents the option of creating a slideshow option which brings down the cost.

7.) Never Be Too Sale-Sy:

Don’t emphasize on telling people to buy or try your product rather give them something which makes them give your product a chance. The old school sales approaches are long gone and it is a new playground. Make your campaign all the more engaging and catchy and market the product or brand without even people knowing that you’re actually marketing.

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8.) Provide The Ease Of Customer Service And Social Messaging:

Accessibility has made all of us prone to the masses. So a negative review or a negative story about your brand can destroy its credibility in no seconds. Provide the audience with customer support and also facilitate them through social messaging.

Facebook is providing businesses with AI solutions to automate the responses.

9.) Organic And Paid Strategies:

Every social media platform provides two types of campaigns organic and paid. Facebook is cutting organic reach and has monetized it. There is a very limited scope of organic reach with Facebook. Whereas not every other platform is cutting it down as their algorithms are not as punishing as that of Facebook’s. As far as the organic reach is concerned, “content is the king of it.”

10.) Reach Out To Social Media Influencers:

2017’s trajectory shows a significant rise in social media influencers. Influencer marketing is also a great tactic to make SMM strategy fruitful. An influencer of niche relevant to yours can give a boost to your marketing strategy. According to stats, a relevant influencer can help increase the ROI by 11%.

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