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5 Best PHP Frameworks Opted By Developers For Web Development

PHP, one of the most popular server-side scripting languages has evolved as a popular web development platform in a lesser period of time. Known for its interactive features and a great database integration support, PHP makes the process of the web development quick, productive and error-free. In the realm of the web development, PHP has established its footprint by developing applications of all complexities and sizes, i.e small static websites to large complex enterprise content management systems (CMS). The overall credit for this goes to the popular PHP frameworks. The use of PHP frameworks helps developers in creating applications that are well-organized, ensure scalability and can level up the PHP web development process.

PHP web development services involve the use of PHP frameworks that are most popular amongst the developer community. These frameworks constitute of pre-built modules to enforce smooth and simple coding. In order to expedite the entire application development program, PHP development services make use of the top 5 popular frameworks mentioned below:

1.) CakePHP:

Going with its name, the CakePHP development is aimed at making the entire task of web application development a cake walk for developers. With an easy installation, configuration and tweaking features, CakePHP is an excellent framework for creating apps that require a high level of security and has many built-in security features like XSS prevention, SQL injection prevention, input validation, CSRF protection and so on. For all those developers looking forward to a reliable and well-tested framework, CakePHP is a handy option.

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2.) Yii Framework:

One of the oldest amongst all PHP frameworks, Yii is a high-performance open source web application development framework that has gained a lot of heat because of its developer-friendly features. With the release of Yii 2.0, it has come up with an upgraded performance for enterprise grade web application development.

When it comes to beautifying your site with visual elements, you can easily rely on Yii because it offers a wide range of themes to rule the appeal and style of your website. The security aspects of Yii framework development are a way beyond than expected. It is equipped with various security mechanisms that help to prevent any kind of attacks in the web application including SQL, CSRF, XSS and so on.

3.) Zend Framework:

Zend is an object-oriented PHP framework which is specifically designed for enterprise-grade projects. Being a tested framework of all times, Zend owes its contribution to some corporate names like Cisco WebEx, Paribas, BBC and so on.

With an unmatched level of flexibility, scalability and robustness, this framework benefits only to the niche of developers who are expert in PHP programming as well as object-oriented concepts. Apart from being a controlled framework, it has got a large community support. It has got a new module system and portability for better performance. Unlike other frameworks, Zend has a loosely-coupled component library that can be easily customized according to business requirements. Zend supports all database components including Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 and gives great flexibility to developers to utilize various Zend components within the framework structure.

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4.) Symfony:

A powerful, flexible and scalable framework for PHP, Symfony is a full-stack framework that provides control over a website architecture and is an ideal pick for designing apps of enterprise level. It features various reusable PHP components as translation, validator, templating, form config and security to take PHP web development to the next level. With less repetitive coding, the framework enables to create a fully maintained and quick application creation. The framework features some tools to assist programmers test, debug and help with documentation process. Symfony is a much superior framework which is compatible with many database managers.

5.) CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter’s easy-to-use system proponents and simple interface allow seamless development. With an upgraded version, Symfony 2 is recognized for its ability to develop applications at a significant speed. Being adaptable to a developer’s unique requirements, Symfony can be used to add specific functionality to a project to make it unique in the digital world.

Symfony development allows you to create performance-driven and agile solutions for businesses. Some of the extraordinary features that make it stand out from the crowd are fully-modular codebase, compatibility with PHP4 and PHP5, MVC based architecture support, customizable admin interface, intuitive UI and so on. Also, it is quite easy to debug a web application developed on CodeIgniter with its bug-screen utility, XSS filtering and quality assertion process.

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Summing it Up:

PHP frameworks have always been the top priority of developers for creating complex to simple enterprise based applications and CRM systems. Using each of these framework mentioned above, PHP web development becomes a much faster, easier and creative process. Each of these frameworks has been designed with different concepts and methodology but aiming to meet one single purpose, i.e high-speed web application development. It is important to take a wise decision and evaluate every single framework carefully according to your needs. In order to reap out the best advantages out of it, you should go for reckoned PHP web development services to develop applications with much of ease.

Jason LarueAbout the Author:

Jason Larue is an expert PHP developer at PHPDevelopmentServices since the last few years. He has helped businesses by developing best-in-class PHP web applications in a stipulated time frame. In addition to being an expert developer, he also loves sharing information on the technology by presenting such valuable blogs.

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