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10 Best PHP Scripts And Tools You Should Use In 2018

PHP is object-oriented programming and is a flexible platform for writing all your programmes. PHP provides many platforms like WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and more. Introducing the platform of blogging, there’s no other site that is better than WordPress, which you are aware of most probably. WordPress has also been developed with the help of PHP programs. The question that lies here is that why have so many users started using WordPress as the standard blogging software? The only reason being that it is user-friendly, google like, and an almost professional website comes into play the moment one uses WordPress. Another important aspect of WordPress is that the themes are available, which makes it furthermore easy to use.

Some Open Source Php Scripts:

Certain open source for best php web development are available for access. Few of them have been listed below:

Table of Contents

1.) Advanced Php Login And User Management:

Using a login and user registration is compulsory, so this software that is developed in laravel framework and MySQL database is used. The log in and user features include secure registration and login systems, social networks authentication, two-factor login authentication, remember the user, interactive professional dashboard, unlimited user roles, powerful and professional admin panel, unlimited permission features, active sessions, fully customized features and more.

2.) Booking Systems In PHP:

There have been developments of booking software in PHP and MySql databases, and it helps to store data. The special features are that of class booking features, sms reminders, pdf schedule system, credit card processing, booking features, and more.

3.) School Management System In PHP:

There’s a huge amount of data that needs to be handled and the online systems are the best to handle these bulk data. One can easily handle the parent, teacher and student records very well with the help of this system.

4.) Mailwhizz – The Email Marketing Application:

There might be a lot of bulk data that needs to be mailed. A lot of scripts are available, but the most convenient is this one application, called Mailwhizz. It is a responsive, powerful and professional application, auto responsive, theme customizations, Ip location services, webhooks, fast email delivery, form customization, and more.

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5.) Freelance Cockpit 3 – For Project Management:

This has been developed in PHP programming, and it helps to manage business data, there are a lot of features that are available, which are static features, task features, support ticket features, activity features, messaging, attractive professional dashboard, invoicing features, support ticket features and more.

6.) Premium URL Shortener:

These are very helpful software that help to reduce the size of the URL. The features of this application are major browsers supported app, responsive web application, new splash pages, private service, user history, geo-targeting system, user login and using social networking, professional administration dashboard and more.

7.) PHP Live Support Chat:

This kind of interface is useful for all websites, and everything now days has become interactive, thus there is great utility in this software. The visiting audience can easily interact with the runners of the web, making it an easy affair.

8.) PHP Social Networking Platform:

This application is the same copy of social networking sites and has a lot of features in common. Basically used for interacting purposes, the application works exactly like twitter and facebook. There’s the newsfeed, the wall, the home page, online chats, pages, groups, and privacy of course. The entire set up is easy and quick.

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9.) File Gator PHP Script:

This is an extremely beneficial PHP script that has been used for purposes like uploading files online, wherein they can be used for their own project. Some of the features are copying, moving, editing, deleting, multiple user accounts, home directories for each customer, all major browsers supported, no requirement of databases, the creation of archives and more.

10.) Perfex – Creation Of Open Source CRM:

Absolutely powerful, this has been developed for companies freelancers or many other users. It uses the multiple languages of HTML, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, and more. It is a fully responsive web application that is used and is supported by all major browsers.

Bonus:- Freelancer’s Office:

This is another professional and attractive application that can be used for freelancers because they are mostly working online. The features included are payment report, multi-language support and more.

Thus the entire list of PHP software has been listed above.

Jade GardnerAbout the Author:

Jade Gardner is a Marketing Manager a Hire PHP Developer. She is a resident of United Kingdom. Jade is also an experienced PHP developer. She also likes to share her thoughts , cms development, Top PHP Web Development.

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    Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I have heared PHP, but i do not know the great function of PHP. I am interested in the social networking platform.

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    Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I have heared PHP, but i do not know the great function of PHP. I am interested in the social networking platform.

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