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Listing The Top Link Building Tips And Tricks For 2019

A search engine is like a massive sea with an unfathomable depth. You could either brave its turbulent waves by ranking higher in the SERPs, or you could sink into a dark and inaccessible oblivion. Naturally, the latter option is to be avoided at all costs if you wish to keep your online business up and running. As a rule, you want more exposure, more traffic, more conversions, and more profits, right? In short, the golden dream. However, to achieve this, you need to stay on the good side of Google. And, link building is an effective SEO tactic which can help you do just that.

What is link building, anyway? It is an umbrella term which touches all the facets related to search engine optimization, such as content development, programming, sales pitching, design, and psychology etc. However, if I were to reduce it down to a line, I’d say that it is a technique of acquiring good quality links from high-authority sites, and making your site rank higher in the search engine results thereby. In other words, if you want Google to see your real value and push you up in its ranking, then you need the votes/shout-outs from high DA sites which have already maintained a certain level of trustworthiness.

Now, there are many link building strategies which you can find in the market, enough to confuse you if you’re just starting. This post will extract those expert-recommended tips and tricks, and present them here before you, cutting your effort in half. Check out the following link building strategies which are sure to skyrocket your website’s visibility and ranking this year.

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Go For Guest Posting:

According to Neil Patel, guest posting is the greatest inbound marketing strategy for transforming startups and promoting a business’s growth. At the heart of guest posting, lies content. Not just any content, but unique, relevant and visually-appealing one, which corresponds to the requirements of the guest blogging site. Basically, what you have to do is look up the content accepting sites in your own niche and even in the shoulders. Try to reach out to those that have a high DA. Read up their guest posting specifications and submit your content for publishing. Once it’s posted, not only will you get access to the guest blog’s audience but also get a link back, which will raise your credibility in the eyes of the search engine. In addition to this, you can co-author a post on a guest posting site as well, and get the exposure from there. According to Social Marketing Writing, around 62.96% of the users tend to trust blogs and blog posts which have been managed by multiple authors.

Bag Resource Pages:

Resource pages are great link building targets. Basically, these are repositories or index sections, which list all the relevant posts on a particular subject, making it easy for readers to consume and share wide-ranging content across the web—all on one platform. For instance, you can easily find RPs on travel sites or fashion blogs. To be featured on such a high authority resource page could very well lend you quality backlinks. Simply make a strategic pitch and get yourself added on the RPs.


Add Value With Broken Link Building:

This approach is different from the others because, in this, you do not necessarily have to beg for backlinks from a high-authority site. Yes, instead, you add value to someone’s site by exposing their broken pages and get a backlink as a reward naturally. In this link building technique, you locate a site with loads of pages and outbound links, like Bored Panda, Incredible Planet or Inverse, then, you run its links through a tool, such as ‘Check My Links’ or ‘LinkMiner’ and highlight the broken links. Finally, you email the target site about the bad UX problem, send it the list of broken links you found on their site and their replacements, and subtly hint them for a backlink reward, and you’re done.

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Conduct Expert Roundups:

This is an established fact that users LOVE to read and share roundup posts which feature an industry’s expert line up and their viewpoints. These are pretty easy to create too. All they need is a good amount of tact and outreaching. First, you need to craft a fiery question which is in vogue, then, pose it to the expert bloggers in your niche, after that, compile their responses in the form of a post with a beautiful header image, and finally, promote it like wildfire among your circles and on social media platforms etc. In turn, the experts can give you shout-outs and a fair amount of exposure. Other than this, you can participate in other link roundups too and get yourself featured as an expert.

Try Out Testimonials & Blog Commenting:

A testimonial or a product review is an amazing strategy to get quick PR backlinks. Majority of commercial sites and giant blogs invite reviews and feedback from the customers, in order to push sales through this user-generated content. You can take this as an open invitation to carve out some traffic for yourself. Go to a blog post or a product’s landing page, craft a personalized and believable review/comment/testimonial, incorporate your site’s link, sponsors or a referral plan in it, and unleash it into the online world.

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In conclusion, there are many other link building tricks which you can try out this year, but if you’re just starting out, the aforementioned strategies will suffice. Just be sure to stay in the white hat, or at most the grey hat area, keep the quality of your content super-pristine, cultivate healthy relationships with your fellow niche bloggers, and you’ll do just fine.

Jenna OrsenAbout the Author:

An alumnus of Harvard, Trinity College, and Stanford Med School, Jenna Orsen holds multiple bachelor’s degrees and an MBBS. A firm believer in “GPA-does-matter”! Kidding, none of the note is true. A business graduate based in Omaha and a hard core writer at heart, currently working for Local Cable Deals Jenna shares her expertise and writes for businesses to improve their rankings on Google. Probably one of the most amazing things about her is her ability to stay relevant. Her work has been posted on multiple blogs and e-zines across the web. She believes in bringing Informative writing and SEO together but never at the expense of a “Dayum-this-was-cool” kind of read.

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