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Mobile Apps Can Give Your Business A Digital Transformation

People are addicted to their smartphones. They take their phones with them all the time, whether they are in a classroom; a bathroom, in the plane, on the train, going out for a party or walking down the street. Several researches claim that people, on average, check their phones 35 times a day and that if they can’t find their phone they would experience anxiety for almost a week. With such a considerable penetration of smartphones in our lives, there has been an exponential growth in numbers of mobile applications in the market.

Businesses today want to get ahead of their competitors and thus are embracing technology to get the best out of it. In this pursuit, many companies are looking forward to mobile app development so as to take their business’s branding to the next level. Here in this post, you will get to know how mobile apps can benefit your business and what role there are paying in your business’s digital transformation.

Does Your Business Really Need An App?

Web presence now is no longer sufficient for small and large businesses to succeed, as your targeted audience has been using mobiles more than their laptops and computers. Besides, features like geo-location, biometrics, augmented reality, cameras, sensors, games cannot be availed on a mobile website. To put this short, mobile applications have become an essential and hard-to-overlook marketing means for present day businesses.

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Remember! In some cases, a business does not really need an app. What if your business does not really have anything to offer its customers online other than a contact form? What if an app does not suit your business nature? Your customer won’t buy a car from an automobile company via an app. If you want an app for your hospital or clinic that would actually offer more of the same functions as your mobile website, then think again. Besides investing in an app, you can utilize the investments and efforts to take your online presence to the next level so that you can bite just the amount you will want to chew.


Mobile App To Fuel The Digital Transformation Of Your Business:

Having a mobile application to back your business is no longer a trend but a necessity. Over 62% businesses of diversified nature, from restaurants of fitness, are using mobile apps, whereas the small businesses are still in the process of getting one. Among these businesses, 30% are using their apps to generate revenue, 20% are enhancing branding, while 50% are providing customer support and better engagement.
Believe it or not, an app can offer your business a breadth of wonders. Here are some of the ways you can benefit your business by transforming it digitally using your smartphone application.

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1.) Fit Into User’s Lifestyle:

As per Gartner, by 2017 the app store will experience 268 billion app downloads. Why? It is because an app is mostly a win-win tool; it benefits users and publishers alike. It can open doors to user’s lifestyle for your business. With push notifications, you can update your users about your promotions, deals and discounts, eventually get them engaged round-the-clock.

2.) Enhanced User Experience:

Apps are faster and more convenient to use. It has become utterly important for businesses to have a user-friendly application. The mobile application can be easily customized as per the needs of target audience. It can be much more attractive than a mobile website. Business can also capitalize your social media logins making it easy for the users to log in or sign up. Moreover, apps are mostly based on a minimalistic approach that makes them more attractive to the users.

Better Sales:

You may have a feature-rich online store that runs pretty well, but having an e-commerce app can bring more sales. Since mobile apps facilitate repeat purchases, they have a clear edge over the mobile web stores. Other user-centric app-specific features include one-click purchase, barcode scanning, thumb impression, saved payment details, in-store payment and push notifications.

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Easily Available Resources:

Before kicking off your app development project, make sure to have developers who are well-versed with your business process, needs, and perils involved. Getting such qualified and experienced teams may not be a breeze, so it is recommended to hire mobile app developers with the right skill sets who can complete the app project on time.

In this tech-driven world, business trends are evolving day and day, but considering the role played by mobile apps into the digital transformation of a business, it can be said that mobile apps are here to stay for longer.

Judy AlexAbout the Author:

Judy Alex is a tech geek with a soft heart for mobile apps and her Xbox one. She is currently working in the capacity of the senior tech writer at a mobile app development company named Ingic.

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