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Tips To Get A Bigger Audience On YouTube

If you’re looking for ways to get real YouTube views and gain more subscribers, this post is for you. No hacks, just simple tips that really work. These tips are great especially if you’re just starting to build your channel or if you’re looking for more ways to optimize your existing channel.

Tips To Get A Bigger Audience On YouTube:

1.) Create Quality Videos:

Your videos will be viewed on different devices. Regardless of anyone’s screen size, your videos should appear as crisp as possible, so use high-quality images and videos. Make sure to maintain a good level of brightness and contrast. You may also apply attractive filters. Most YouTubers even add cool customized thumbnails to their videos. Your videos should be recognized as high quality. A nice intro to all your videos will also add more excitement to your audience.

2.) Provide Quality Content:

Content is an essential ingredient of all if you want to get real youtube views. You can have quality videos, but if your content is poor or irrelevant, your viewers won’t subscribe to you. For people to be interested in subscribing to your channel, they have to love the content that you put out. Most people go to YouTube for some solutions to problems or for them to learn something new. So, make sure to create helpful problem-solving content.

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3.) Brand Your YouTube Channel:

Aside from using high-quality images/videos, the next thing you need to do is to make your channel look visually appealing. To get real YouTube views, you have to brand your YouTube channel. Your visitors will more likely hit the subscribe button if they see your professionalism through your bio, banner, color scheme, fonts, etc. This will not just establish your identity, but users will easily recognize you as a brand. If you’ve already established a unique brand identity for your website and social media channels, just go ahead and carry the same branding on your YouTube channel.

4.) Create Engagement:

To get real YouTube views, you must engage with your subscribers and loyal fans. Go to your Analytics and Dashboard to identify YouTube users who are often engaged with your video posts. Reach out to them and ask them to share your content with friends. Also, use annotations to add call-to-actions. Calls to actions encourage engagement. Just don’t use too many annotations in your videos. They might just ruin your visitor’s user experience.

5.) Use Advertising Tools:

There are advertising tools that you can take advantage of. They’re very effective especially if you’re promoting a product. Some tools will add a large button just below your videos so that your viewers can quickly visit your product’s webpage. Some advertising tools show your videos to different audiences outside of YouTube. You can let them advertise on blogs or websites that are in line with your brand. This tip may require you to invest a small amount of money, but this will greatly help promote your videos.


How To Get Your Lost YouTube Audience Back?

After you get real YouTube views and subscribers, you’ll have another challenge. It’s surely frustrating and discouraging when your subscribers unsubscribe from your channel. Fortunately, there’s one way you can easily regain them along with attracting new subscribers. Here’s the best way to ensure that you get your lost audience back and get new ones— become visible.

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Become Visible:

You may have great videos, quality content, and great brand identity; however, are you visible? Visibility is your main goal if you really want to get real YouTube views and subscribers. You need to get out of your comfort zone and engage with your viewers. Once you’re highly visible, your lost audience will more likely see one of your videos being talked about. Then, you’ll have high chances of getting them back.

The best way to engage with your viewers and potential viewers is through the comments section. Whenever you leave a comment anywhere, you will have your channel’s name and avatar displayed. Write encouraging comments on other YouTuber’s videos. This way you can generate a lot of backlinks while making new friends over YouTube. Make sure to look out for other channels that provide similar videos as you. Subscribe to those channels and engage with them. Their viewers might just be interested to visit your channel. You’re not forcing yourself on people. Those who get interested will subscribe to you. This is how you get real YouTube views.

Make Your Videos Go Viral:

Trending videos rank well in Google search results. They drive traffic to your website over the long-haul. Here’s how to make your videos viral on YouTube.

  1. Keep your YouTube videos for around 3 minutes. A research done by Buffer Social indicates that the ideal video length is 2:54.
  2. Use popular and relevant keywords in your video title and description. This way, your videos will have the best chance of showing up in search results.
  3. Share your YouTube videos on social media. Facebook videos get high engagement. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action for people to check out your other videos on YouTube.
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The above tips are some ways you can develop and build YouTube audiences, but they are by no means the only way. The mechanics are continually changing. So, another tip is to keep yourself updated.

Divine ClawAbout the Author:Divine Claw is a Content Writer of Viral Kick who focused on Youtube marketing on how to boost Youtube views. She has written this article to create content that is strong, energizing to read and that inspires readers to take action. She is a great marketer and highly skilled writer. You can follow her on Twitter and Google Plus.

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