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How To Explode Your Sales With Content Advertising?

What is content advertising? Please do not mix up content with advertising. Advertising is old school and while it still hangs on it has lost the ability to increase your sales dramatically the way content can. Content advertising is using high quality valuable content that is informative to drive sales up.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is; without the correct content advertising you will lose sales. Other companies will bypass your sales if you do not step into or step up an existing content advertising campaign.

How do you have your sales explode with content advertising? That is a good question and here you will find an answer to that question. You will find 10 ways to help your content advertising explode your sales.

By following these ten steps you can write better content and use it in advertising. Below are ten steps to improve your content advertising and skyrocket your sales.

Know Your Audience:

You must know your audience in order to make sure that your content targets them. Understand their needs and wants. What problems are they trying to solve? Are they looking for a product or service?

If you are writing for another blog as guest then scroll through the blog and skim the titles to see what the targeted audience is interested in. What type of people is the blog written for; entrepreneurs, marketing, or managing content, time, people, or productivity? Understanding who your writing for is a large part of knowing your audience and understanding what it is they are looking for.

Use Powerful Headlines That Grab Attention:

You need to use powerful headlines to grab their attention. With the search engines and millions of pages on the internet if the headline or title does not grab their attention they will pass your content for someone else’s. Headlines should be action or answer who, what, how, when, or why?

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Your headlines need to be powerful and enticing; it is not enough to make your headline content marketing. You need to use something like; “The 5 Best Used Hooks in Content Marketing” or “How to use Content Marketing to Raise your Sale Levels”.


Branding is not a brand name but it is the marketing identity of a business. Basically it comes down to branding says who you are, what you do, what kind of quality you provide, your reputation for trustworthiness, and more.

So make sure that your content advertising helps build your brand. It needs to answer who and what as well as your reputation and trustworthiness to help your influence. You can’t have influence if you have a poor reputation or are untrustworthy. Influence is a major part of content advertising; you want to have enough influence that when you publish content advertising pieces people will react to it by reading it, then sharing or tweeting about it. It should also work at getting them to sign up to your newsletter, purchase your product, or taking the action you wish them to take. So make sure that your content advertising promotes your brand.


Content Marketing Software:

What is content marketing software and why do you want to use it? Content marketing software allows you to control; collaboration, content creation, scheduling, resource allocation, user permissions and resource storage to name a few. Now before you go spend a large sum on a top notch content marketing software, understand your needs and make sure that the software has the features that you require now as well as those you may need in the future.

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Content marketing software is a solution that will allow you to implement your content advertising in a professional manner. It can be very helpful to your marketing campaign.

Controlled Information Flow:

It is important that you have controlled information flow so that you can collaborate and communicate with a variety of people or departments such as; sellers, merchants, customers, users, workers and shareholders. It also allows businesses the ability to better outsource and produce successful results.

Make It Easy To Share The Content:

Making your content easy to share is a must. It is much easier to make your content easy to share when you know what the social media sites look for.

So what types of content are easy to share? Infographics, listicles, and how to posts are always good share items. The length of the content, 2000 words will usually hit the top of google searches, more than 2000 words and it will attract much more social shares. Headlines that are powerful and attention grabbing will also gain more social shares. When using widgets to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+; should always be attached below the headline, where they are easily seen and clickable in order to share.

Engage Your Audience:

Making sure your posts are optimized for reply, share, likes, and favorites make it easier to engage your audience. This where the length of your article is a pivotal aspect when you are engaging your audience.

Each social media site has a fixed length for the posts in order to attract the highest engagement of the audience. Hashtags are very important as they ensure even more exposure for your content. Using 1 or 2 properly placed hashtags that are pertinent can double the publicity of your content in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook advertising is the best way to attract more readers and followers to your posts, which number in the thousands. Your Facebook advertisement comes as a timeline post which tempts your readers and followers to click on them.

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Use Video, Photos And Infographics:

Using video, photos, and infographics are great tools. There are many great tools available now to help with creating your own video, photos, or infographics. The more distinctive your media is the better.

Join free graphic sites, take your own pictures, and use them to make your own media to use in your content marketing. The distinctive one of a kind graphic, photo, or video ensures that it has not been seen 20 times already. The media you use should be distinctive and grab attention just as the headlines you use grab attention. The media can actually help keep their attention beyond the headline and the first paragraph or two.

Keep The Writing Style And Language Simple:

When it comes to your writing style and language simple is better. Simple does not mean talk down to your reader as if they are a 6th grader. Keep in simple means do not use technology language or big words that some may not know. IF they have to look up words in every paragraph they will leave and not come back.

Keeping it easy to scan as well; with today’s hectic life many people do not have time to read a whole article. Keeping it easy to scan allows them to find the information that they came there looking for.

Following the steps above can help you produce great content advertising and skyrocket your sales.

Eliza MedleyAbout the Author:

Eliza Medley is a professional blogger at the Get Good Grade and a marketing specialist. She knows about blogging everything in the smallest details and she is willing to share her knowledge with others.

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