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Top 5 VPN For Blackberry For Safe Browsing

Top 5 VPN For Blackberry For Safe Browsing

VPN is an acronym which stands for Virtual Private Network; it is evident from its name that such programs are used to create a network within a network so as to ensure safe and secure web browsing to its users.

Why We Use VPN On Blackberry?

But why should we use VPN on a Blackberry phone? Well, Blackberrys are smart phones, and as such they find much use as portable pocket PCs, a phone which you can used to browse the internet and check your email, even stream live videos too! As such, your phone is incredibly vulnerable to hacking threats and theft of your most precious documents and pictures.

But VPNs have a host of other capabilities too; for instance, you can use them to gain access to restricted websites as well as accessing your email account on your employer’s intranet.

Selecting The Top 5 VPN Apps For Your Blackberry:

There are so many VPN apps for the Blackberry that it can be a less than an inviting task; having to pick just one out of hundreds. But there are a few things to look out for when you desire to narrow down your choice. For example; you might want to see whether the VPN you’re choosing has good speed and reliability, as well as 24/7 customer care and support, the overall services and software quality is a prerequisite.

Top 5 VPN For Blackberry For Safe Browsing

To help you in selecting the VPN app that appeals to you most without burning a big hole in your budget, we suggest you look at our list of top 5 VPN apps for Blackberry.

1.) Tor Guard:

Tor Guard is a premium VPN service that guarantees its users with complete anonymity and a strong VPN for added security. It also doesn’t keep a log of user activity either, so they can be trusted with privacy. Its speed is a bit choppy to be honest, but then it is also among the most affordable VPNs on the market too, so we’re not really complaining.

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5.) Express VPN:

This is a fast and reliable VPN service that costs a bit premium compared to other competitor softwares but it boasts of easy compatibility with a multitude of mobile as well computer operating systems, you can use it on your blackberry, Android mobile phones, Android Tablets, iDevices, Nokia phones, as well as Windows mobile. Plus, it comprises more than 100 IPs and is operable in more than 33 countries.

3.) AirVPN:

This is an Italian VPN app that is made available to users at a monthly price of $9, it has simple yet elegant user interface and has good performance to boot.

4.) Mullvad:

This is a Swedish company and it offers its basic package costing around $7 a month, which is affordable. It also has adequate performance figures and customer care department.

5.) CyberGhost:

This is a VPN service provider based in Romania, it currently offers a free VPN package and also promises its users with a no-compromise attitude towards user privacy and offers good speed and performance figures.

About the Author:
Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer who loves to describe the necessity of best IPad VPN for internet users. She wrote many articles on our blog that u can search in our list too.

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