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Want To Save Money On Your PPC Campaign? 3 Ways To Do It!

Start-ups need to spend heavily on marketing to get noticed in a crowded industry, but the problem with any small company is the lack of funds. Every penny matters when you launch a business for the first time. One of the most effective modes of business promotion on the web is PPC and hence, every start-up should spendmajority of the marketing budget on PPC. If you are managing a PPC campaign for the first time and don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on pay per click marketing, then here are some exclusive tips for you.

1.) Use Negative Keywords:

When you run a PPC campaign, you have to pay Google for every time someone clicks on your ads. You can save a lot of money by making a list of the negative keywords as it helps you reduce the number of unnecessary CTR. For example, if you are a criminal lawyer who has started his law firm, then you may like to put keywords like “divorce lawyer”, “property lawyer”, “insurance lawyer” etc. in the negative keywords list. People will use those keywords, but since you are using negative keywords facility those keywords won’t trigger your ads. The longer your campaign runs the better chances you get to identify negative keywords. It is also advisable to go through Google’s search term report to understand what people were searching for when your ad was displayed.

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2.) Advertise For Places You Can Serve:

Do you cater to the customers all over the country or just in the city where your office/shop is located? PPC advertising gives you the flexibility to set your ads as per your geographical position to ensure that only people of that specific city/state/country can see your ads. For example, if you offer wedding planning services in New York only, then if people searching for wedding services in Los Angeles click on your ad, it will simply increase the bill without making any difference to the conversion rate. With the help of location targeting, you can get as specific as you want.


3.) Separate Networks By Campaign:

When you setup an ad campaign on AdWords, by default Google recommends showing your ads on both search and display networks. There is nothing bad with this, expect the fact that you need to spend thousands of dollars if you push ads randomly in both networks. A wiser strategy is to break up campaigns to serve ads on each network separately. Why does it matter? Each network has been created to reach customers with different goals, on various types of websites. For example, if you are running a branded campaign and want to boost awareness for a newly launched product, then display network can do the trick for you.

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By following the aforementioned guidelines you will get amazing results and witness a rapid change in ROI. Remember, an intelligent online marketer does not increase the budget to bring customers to the website, instead, he finds effective and affordable avenues to get more customers without burning a hole in the pocket.

Charlie BrownAbout the Author:Charlie Brown is an expert SEO consultant attached to a private consultancy firm based in New York. His wide experience and in-depth knowledge make him a hot favorite in the SEO New York circuit. His fans find his blog posts immensely informative and useful.

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