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Steps To Get Social Media Traffic To Your Site Straight From Instagram

Right from the introduction of business accounts in the year 2016, Instagram has made it a top priority to help the brands and their selected followers to interact in quite some meaningful manners just beyond the follows and likes. In case, you are struggling hard to drive traffic to the website of the brand from IG, then this article might be the right help for you to consider. There are some simple steps available, which you can add on to your social media channel called Instagram, for earning some great clicks in return. If you are not sure of which steps to deal with, you can log online at Stormlikes and get some equal help from the source as well.

First Point To Deal With:

You have to click the link right in the bio. This is a proven strategy to follow. The easiest way to help drive traffic to the website from the Instagram source is by adding a link right in the bio. If you want, you can always update the said link as often as you can or like to page on the official website that you are planning to work out with. Some examples might help you understand the value even better.

  • Most of the brands would work hard in linking the bio of the IG with that of their homepage and will never get to change it to something else. Well, the brands, which are currently driving most revenue from IG frequently is by updating the link. After that, you get to include the CTA in posts, which will tell users to just click any link in the bio.
  • You can always specify by just saying “click link in bio for some added info” or just “click link in bio to just shop product”, or even “click the link as in bio and can use promote code to take 20% off for today only.”
  • You need to get as creative as you possibly can with this source, just to win the sale around here. Always be sure to let people know how possibly you can get to the website as regular IG posts are not always clickable on their own.
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Have To Work On Running An IG Ad Campaign:

Another easy way for you to follow in order to drive traffic to the website from the IG sector is by running ad campaigns. Unlike some of the organic posts out there, IG ads are proven to be rather clickable.

  • The user will not just click an advertisement to go directly to any web page of your choice but the IG is able to add on a “learn more” based CTA button. It definitely works hard in helping to increase the present click through rate over here for sure.
  • The IG ads are stated to be using the FB ads backend, which means you can easily target any type of user as per your choice over here for sure. There are few options of the FB targeting panel which you can get right at your disposal.
  • Some of those options are gender, age, educational level, relationship status, location, job title or workplace, hobbies, interests, entertainment preferences and more. It will further talk about the behaviors, which are currently based on the purchase history, device usage and even brand preferences.
  • The best part is that there is no minimum ad spends associated with this section. If you want, you can head start a day with $5 in your pocket and can even pause the campaign jus after spending $1. But, it is not something that you should do. It is always best for letting the campaigns run just for a while to help you achieve the relevant results in a statistical manner.


Try Tagging Your Products Now:

IG has recently rolled out the new service in the market, which will allow some chosen businesses to tag their products in the current organic Instagram based pictures. Whenever a user clicks this item, they are shown a proficient short product description. After that, they might have to check on the option to just focus towards click through to website for learning more and working out on making a purchase soon. This service is only available to those business owners in the USA, who can follow some simple criteria first.

  • It is mandatory for them to have one IG based business profile. Next, they can line up the products or services, which they are planning to work on. Lastly, they should have one account in English.
  • One of the first ever brands to have accessed the IG shopping has to be Kade Spade. In case, the brand gets to meet criteria for such service and you are too happy to try it out for driving traffic back to site, then you can join the list as well and get some proper help now.
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Focus On The Proper Use Of IG Stories:

While the current organic posts on the IG are not linkable, you have the organic stories, which can help you big time. It is only possible if you run one verified account. Most of the brands can become and prove to be eligible for verification, but for that they don’t have to bother towards the lot of followers count at all.

  • All the verified IG accounts can easily link the story updates like some names like Tarte did. You can check a little arrow right at the bottom which states “see more.”
  • Once the user gets the chance to swipe it up on linked story, they are likely to be redirected to the web page, which the brand has decided to work on.
  • If you do not have a verified account on your own and still not that interested to work on it then you can drive traffic to website by working with verified influencer instead.

Just be sure to follow the tips and tricks, which are designed to help you get more traffic to your website.

Harris ScottAbout the Author:

Harris Scott is going to talk about the social media traffic rules to increase site growth on Instagram. He got his information from Stormlikes.

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