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3 Best Android Apps To Track Your Website’s SEO Friendliness

In this current internet trend, the advertisers, marketers, and the businesses want to make as much use of the internet as possible. However, publishing the content over the net is not enough. The published content should be searched easily by the searched engines. According to research, most of the people always stay on the first page of the search engine results and never move to the next page. So, to make your content available on the first page, it should have a high ranking which can be achieved only when your content is SEO friendly. There are several web tools available to help you make your content SEO friendly. However, the world is moving towards mobile applications. SEO tools available as mobile applications would help the businesses to a great extent. And Android is leading the market compared to other operating systems. The article focuses on the three best Android apps you can use to perform all your SEO related tasks.


SEO has become a very important factor in the field of marketing, and there are several reasons why you should use SEO software tool for your website. There are many SEO tools in the market even for android mobiles. However, Google Analytics, SEO SERP Mojo, and Sinium SEO tools provide more useful and accurate data. These tools are easy to use and provide features that are provided by the web applications.

1.) Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is tool offered by Google to track and report the traffic on your website. It is one of the essential SEO tools. It breaks down your data into chunks that can be accessible and helps to have an overview of the happenings of your site. The tool also supports real-time updates and allows the users to drill down to obtain details of the specifics of your data. You can monitor your business and website on the go. The features of the app include

  • Built-in reports checking the key metrics.
  • Apply segments and compare date ranges.
  • Real-time data monitoring.
  • Combine any dimensions, metrics or segments that you wish and explore to build your reports.
  • Easily access the reports by saving them to the dashboards.

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2.) SEO SERP Mojo:

For an SEO friendly site, the Search Engine Rank Page (SERP) plays a very important role. It is clear that the number of clicks for your site affects the rank of your page on the search engine result page. SEO SERP mojo allows you to analyze the SERP for all your URLs and the targeted keywords. The app provides you a clear visual of the performance of your site with the help of reporting tools. The tool also allows tracking trends for a particular period. It is easy to keep the SEO research up to date even in the absence of the user.


  • Restore or take a backup of your data as and when you like.
  • After completion rank payments, receive notifications.
  • Track top 100 Google results, to 100 Bing results and top 50 Yahoo results (for Japan only ten Yahoo results).
  • Export the ranking history to CSV, XLS, and JSON data.
  • Regional localization.
  • Visualize ranking history in a better way with nice graphs.
  • The app automatically checks the rank whenever it is opened. However, a manual rank check can be performed at any time for all or some of the keywords.

Pro Features:

  • Total count of the rank updates.
  • Automatically update the ranks without opening the app.
  • The status of the keywords is displayed i.e. maintained, improved and lowered.
  • Quantum of gained and lost positions per search engine.
  • Quantum of gained and lost positions per keyword.
  • Analytics insight.


  • Track unlimited URLs.
  • Track unlimited keywords.
  • View ranking history for tracked keywords.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly

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3.) Sinium SEO Tools:

Sinium SEO Tools, earlier known as Viord SEO Tools empowers the developers with the most powerful search engine optimization apps. Sinium SEO Tools comprise of a total of 54 tools which include SEO ranking tools, research tools, performance tools, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, blog/news/WordPress SEO, domain tools, security tools and other tools. All the tools are free of cost and do not require any sign-up.


  1. MozRank
  2. PageRank Check
  3. Alexa Rank
  4. Google SERP Keyword Position
  5. Page Authority


  1. Social Stats
  2. Code to Text Ratio
  3. Source Code
  4. Google Cache
  5. DMOZ Listing Checker
  6. Broken Links Finder
  7. Keyword Suggestion
  8. Links Counter
  9. Mobile Friendly Test
  10. Free SEO Review
  11. Website Links Counter
  12. Page Size Checker
  13. HTTP Headers
  14. Spider Simulator
  15. Keyword Density
  16. www Redirect Checker


  1. GZIP Compression
  2. Website Speed Test
  3. Server Status
  4. Screen Resolution Simulator


  1. Meta Tags Analyzer
  2. Meta Tag Generator


  1. Search Engine Pinger
  2. Backlinks Lookup
  3. XML Sitemap Generator
  4. txt Generator


  1. Plagiarism Checker
  2. WordPress Ninja
  3. Article Rewriter (Article Spinner)
  4. Word Counter


  1. Domain Authority
  2. URL Encoder / Decoder
  3. Domain Age
  4. DNS Records
  5. Reverse IP Domain Lookup
  6. Whois
  7. Domain IP Lookup
  8. Class C IP Checker
  9. Hosting Provider Lookup


  1. Blacklist Lookup
  2. MD5 Generator
  3. AVG Website Scan
  4. URL Rewriting Tool
  5. Google Malware Scan


  1. My IP Address
  2. Website Worth Estimate
  3. Email Extractor
  4. Website Screenshot Generator
  5. My Browser Info

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These apps have been selected because of the high level of accuracy and a wide range of application. However, there are several other apps out in the market that can teach you how to make your website mobile and SEO friendly. You can select other applications for your job depending on the nature of your work.

Hardik PorwalAbout the Author:

This column is by Hardik Porwal. He is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Digital marketing consultant at Lexcis Solutions and is focused on helping the brands to thrive in their business. His most popular website is ToOLOwl.

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