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Top 4 Apps To Stream Movies & TV Shows On Your iPhone

Top 4 Apps To Stream Movies & TV Shows On Your iPhone

There was a time, a few years ago, when you could solve your entertainment woes by simply tuning into television channels.

That can still work … if you’ve got all the time in the world. But even if you do, traditional television is losing its mojo. People are tuning out, and tuning into online streaming services.

A research conducted by GfK (released by the IAB) informs that among monthly users, online TV shows were on the same ‘wantedness’ score as regular TV sports, and was also rivaling regular prime-time, meaning that viewers assigning similar importance to online and regular television content are significantly growing in number.

For iPhone users; apps and websites for streaming shows and movies online are limited in number. This is likely due to the handset’s flash support shortcoming. That said, there are still a few interesting options available that will allow you to watch interviews, documentaries, TV shows and movies on the small screen.

That said, no matter how great an app may be, users will need a good internet connection to enter a realm of online viewing without tuning in to the “buffering” notice. If you are not already aware where your speeds sit, you can carry out a speed test at or

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If you are not getting the speed/bandwidth from your internet service provider that you have been paying for all this time, you could always upgrade to a faster internet connection, whilst saving money. Top companies offering high speed internet offer promos and coupons: AT&T offers AT&T coupon codes for its bundles, Verizon offers the same for FiOS internet, and Comcast does the same. You may also be get free premium TV channels as a part of the internet bundle.

All things considered, here are the best 4 apps to stream TV shows and movies on your iPhone.

Top 4 Apps To Stream Movies & TV Shows On Your iPhone


HBO has brought some iconic television shows such as the Wire and The Game of Thrones in the past few years. If you have HBO subscription, you can watch movies, documentaries, TV shows and behind the scenes content by installing HBO GO on your iPhone.

The app also allows you to create a customized watchlist so you can catch HBO shows and movies at any time, and resume viewing titles when you’re on the run. AirPlay is available on devices running iOS 6 and above.

Funny Or Die:

This app is a good alternative to the traditional offerings. The library is always updated with new videos from the twisted minds of famous comedians including John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell.

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You can also watch popular skits like Between Two Ferns, Drunk History and more. Funny or Die recently released an update for its iPhone app that brought bug fixes and iOS 7 updates.


SnagFilms has a big library of indie films made by independent filmmakers. Some of the movies accessible via this app have even earned awards, but haven’t been released into cinemas. The app contains unique content that is guaranteed to provide good entertainment.

You can also add films to your queue for viewing later and share them between iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Film buffs and TV enthusiast will agree this is the best streaming app offering the best of both worlds. Subscribing to Netflix enables you to watch television and movie content, as well as catch up on new shows such as House of Cards.

Additionally, you can search for specific titles to watch on your iPhone and other iOS devices. Users can also suggest the best titles to Netlfix and rate favorite shows and movies.

With all such apps available today, streaming movies and TV shows on your iPhone has never been easier. Use any of these apps to personalize your visual experience.

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