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Best Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Movie Watching Experience On Smartphones

Best Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Movie Watching Experience On Smartphones

We love watching videos, be it movies, TV series or just about anything that catches our attention and keeps us hooked. It could be informative, entertaining or even disgusting, but we just love the idea of watching things moving- actors, fields, cars, dialogues, sound, etc., providing us the complete audio-visual wholesome entertainment.

I’m sure we all had praised the lord when YouTube was launched, and now in the smartphone age, most of us digital natives can’t stop admiring our Droids or iPhones. Be it a phone or a tablet, movie and videos have come a long way from cinema screens, Video Cassettes and DVDs to the palm of our hands. Both Android and iOS are extremely capable operating systems.

However, both of them come with few fundamentally challenged applications — video playing for instance, which is why average users have to opt for third party options available in the app market. Through this article, we will cover few highly regarded Android and iOS applications for improving your movie experience on smartphones and tablets, and a brief comparison as well.

MX Player:

I have been using MX Player on my phone since time immemorial. This fantastic app isn’t just compatible with all Android versions, but also runs smooth across all droids- low to medium to high end phones, such is its robustness and free spirit! MX Player is nimble, has support for multi-core encoding, hardware & software acceleration, besides a very capable video engine. The app comes replete with full resolution and codec support — play any video in any format (Most of them work here) and any resolution. There are gestures, pinch zoom, subtitles, brightness control, amongst others — You name it, and you will see one.

I’m not suggesting that it is the best app out there, in fact I’m saying it is the best option available for a droid device at the moment. The developers of MX Player application were the first ones to tap in the power of quad core and octa core devices for smoother playback and an outstanding movie experience on a tablet or a phone. It is available for iPhones and iPads on the iTunes.

Available on Android — Yes
Available on iOS — Yes

Best Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Movie Watching Experience On Smartphones


nPlayer, developed by Newin Inc., is available as a paid app on iTunes and can set you back by 300 INR. The latest version 2.6.1 comes with a stunning interface and full feature support, which could buy you in an instant if you are an avid movie watcher. Multiple language support for English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish, make nPlayer a movie player ideal for most geo locations.

nPlayer can easily be dubbed the best looking app with vibrant colors, scenic viewing modes, and an extremely vivid user experience. Performance wise, it will enamor the geeks with its Dolby Mobile Surround Sound and official support for the Dolby Audio Codec. It is perhaps the most complete video playing options available, and most iPhone or iPad users can’t stop talking about its performance — video, sound, picture quality — everything A grade.

Available on Android — No
Available on iOS – Yes

It’s Playing Pro:

It’s Playing Pro is available on iTunes as trial and paid versions. Can be considered as the app for movie connoisseurs, this application packs a phenomenal punch in terms of the on board features. All the major functions and features of MX Player combined with an incredibly delightful cloud connect support with, Facebook, Dropbox and HTTP cloud services. Further, it lets users get subtitles from the internet with just one tap, a surprising segment first!

The free version gets most of the top-end features, except the much fawned upon Dolby Digital Surround Playback, which is something we all know is the deciding feature for most movie buffs.

Available on Android — No
Available on iOS – Yes

VLC Player:

“VLC Player on phones!!, don’t we specifically use it on our laptops and desktops?” – I’m sure thoughts like that must have come to your mind, while finding VLC in this list. Well, VLC Player is a great option to consider, and is available free on both Android and iOS platforms. The best part about this application is its handy video library, wherein the thumbnails tell you just how much of the video is left, or how much are you through with it. An immensely useful feature, don’t you think?

The developers — VideoLAN have carried forward their fabulous development efforts to the mobile application after the immensely successful desktop variant. You can view/play local files, stream videos through cloud based server integration with DropBox, Google Drive, iTunes and UPnP media servers. The codec support is fabulous as expected, but in my personal experience low to medium-end devices might come across some occasional application crashes. The user experience is kept simple, minimal in a sense, but elegant and performance oriented.

Available on Android — Yes
Available on iOS – Yes

This post has been contributed by Vijay Gaur, working as Sr. Associate Internet Marketing with Moability, a company providing iPhone Application Development services.

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