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List Of Top 10 Google’s Easter Eggs | How Do Google’s Easter Eggs Work?

Everyone knows or has heard about the easter eggs. The gift that one sends on Easter in the form of decorated eggs is popular. However, with technological evolutions, everything now has a technical side. These easter eggs are no exceptions. And Google has many.

In case you were looking for information regarding Google Easter Eggs, you have found the right place. Scroll down to know more.

What Are Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs in the field of google and the internet are virtual. They are pop-culture references, images, messages, and other things that are hidden. They can be found in many video games, crosswords, movies, and web pages.

It is nothing less than a treat for the interested users to find them. Think of the time when you stayed at the movie theatre for a few extra minutes to see the deleted scenes or bloopers of your favourite movie that was shown as a bonus. The feeling is exactly the same.

Over the past few years, Google has incorporated or added them in many of its services like Google Search and YouTube.

Google Easter Eggs List:

There are certain phrases that will show some exciting and interesting results when they are typed into your Google search. These are the eastern eggs.

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Below is the list of some google easter eggs that you probably didn’t know about:

  • Baker’s Dozen
  • LGBT Pride
  • Earth Day Quiz
  • Snake
  • Do A Barrel Roll
  • Flip A Coin
  • Feeling Curious
  • Fun Facts
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Once In A Blue Moon
  • Blink HTML
  • Google 1998
  • Pacman

How Do They Work?

Now that you know about the names of these easter eggs, let’s read about how they work and what results do they show:

1.) Baker’s Dozen

You will see the numerical 13 on the calculator if you search for the phrase “Baker’s Dozen.” This is an ode to the ancient medieval English practice. The devil’s dozen or Baker’s dozen is 13 because the English bakers when selling a dozen, used to give an extra loaf of bread.

2.) LGBT Pride

If you type the term “Pride” with every letter on separate columns, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the spreadsheet column has become colourful as it will show the rainbow colours.

3.) Earth Day Quiz

This Easter Egg was made by google to celebrate Earth Day back in 2015. If you search this one, you will get a set of questions in the form of a quiz. So, test your knowledge!

4.) Snake

Remember the old favourite game that you used to play nonstop in childhood? If you type “snake” or phrases like “snake game,” they all will show the results of the game.

5.) Do A Barrel Roll

When this phrase is typed on the search bar, the Easter Egg will shock you by doing a 360-degree flip. The funniest part is that it will even show the results upside-down.

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6.) Flip A Coin

This is something that we all have done in our real lives. But Google does it the virtual way. The google team included a card that has an animation of coin-flipping.

7.) Feeling Curious

This one is a gift for trivia lovers. If you google the phrase “I’m feeling curious,” you will automatically get random and interesting questions. This is an interesting game, and you get to learn in the process as well.

8.) Fun Facts

In case you ever feel like you want to learn something new, the only thing you need to do is go to the Google search bar. When you write down “fun facts,” you will be amazed at the results. Get to know something new every time with this easter egg!

9.) Tic Tac Toe

Call it Terni Lapilli like the ancient Romans, or Tic Tac Toe, and this is another of our childhood favourites. When you go to the google search bar and type “tic tac toe” or even the former name, you will be able to play with the computer. Or even better if you have a friend to play with.

10.) Once In A Blue Moon

This easter egg is one of the most amazing Google easter eggs. If you search the phrase “once in a Blue Moon,” the google search engine will show the result of the mathematical equation with a calculator for the occurrence of a blue moon.

11.) Blink HTML

This easter egg is another interesting one. If you type “<blink>” or “blink HTML” in the search box, only then can this easter egg be activated. The result will astonish you. You will be able to see that the words “blink” and “html” will really start to blink on the search engine result page.

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12.) Google 1998

Want to take a ride to the past. It is, in fact, possible with google. This one was created by Google to celebrate its 15th birthday. This particular Easter Egg will show you what Google actually looked like in the beginning. If you search for “google in 1998” or “google 1998,” you will get to see one of those classy search engine result pages as it will look like the webpage of December 1998.

13.) Pacman

Yet another childhood favourite is Pacman. If you type “Google Pacman” on the search bar, you will be able to play the actual game of Pacman. It sure is very retro, but we love it!

Final Word:

The virtual easter eggs are hidden messages, features, or images that are inserted into various media. These are known to add fun to your boring search results. These are so well hidden that often the users or the web surfers find it extremely gratifying to spot them.

From “Roll A Dice” to “Pacman,” there are just so many google Easter Eggs that you can try. So, who is stopping you? Pick your favourite from the list and have fun!

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