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The Handiest iPhone & Android Social Media Apps Of 2013

The Handiest iPhone & Android Social Media Apps Of 2013

More and more interesting and entertaining social media apps are being launched day by day. Quite naturally, you may ask “how not to get lost in this abundant world of social networking apps and make the best choice?” We are here to help you with all your curiosity regarding such apps. What we collect is here in the list and further, we also shared some info about them below one by one too.

  1. Plume
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Tingle
  4. MeetMe
  5. HootSuite
  6. UberSocial
  7. Flipboard
  8. Hook Up Tonight
  9. Skout
  10. How About We
  11. LuLu
  12. Bang With Friends
  13. MiuMeet
  14. Swoon

01.) Plume:

Plume is a new Twitter version of the previously known Touiteur. You can download it from Google Play. This will provide you with colorful contacts. What is more, Plume can hide any of your Twits or topics that you don’t like. So, this is a nice way to make your mobile interface a really appealing one.

02.) Facebook Messenger:

This app is another great opportunity to keep contact with your friends via floating chats all over the screen of your mobile phone. What is more, this perfect app will help you share your messages and Facebook chats with other devices as well.

03.) Tingle:

Choose Tingle and find out other Tingle member in the surroundings! If you have already found them, you can send them your wink messages! What is more, if you’re out of moods to search over and over again, Tingle will find your matches by just clicking the “match”. It’s free and is foreseen for iOS devices.

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04.) MeetMe:

MeetMe is one of the best dating apps that will easily find top members nearby. You need just to click on the profile and get in contact with the profile user. Besides, you can easily find your best matches. If you wish, you can also follow them in stealth mode. You are able to use MeetMe+ and discover those members who have sent you anonymous questions or viewed your pics. The app is free and runs on Androids and iOS devices.

05.) HootSuite:

HootSuite for Facebook and Twitter is developed especially for business purposes. It can be found on Google Play and will enable you to use various analytic and statistics tools. Besides, you’ll be able to get Foursquare and LinkedIn help via this app.

06.) UberSocial:

This fine app has been developed based on its previous version called Twidroyd. UberSocial is famous for its inner circling opportunities. Thus, you’ll be able to organize your Tweets and make appropriate adjustments. This refers also to your photos and videos, and Facebook posts. More than 140 tweet characters will be supported by the app.

07.) Flipboard:

Download it and convert your social media into a digest of magazine style.With Flipboard you’ll be able to enjoy more than 10 social media updates, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Be sure, this app will become your best news provider at any time you wish.

The Handiest iPhone & Android Social Media Apps Of 2013

08.) Hook Up Tonight:

The app is free and can be applied for Androids. It will provide you with a perfect chance of dating and meeting your online partners. So, feel free to find your best match via Hook up Tonight, send messages whenever you wish and make your life more colorful and spicy!

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09.) Skout:

If you’re looking for dating apps, Skout is the right one for you. It has more than 5million users, it’s free and developed for Androids and iOS devices. This app offers its “Meet Me” option for finding people nearby and get into contact with them at any rate. Use wink bombs and say “Hey, what’s up?” to more than 500 people. If you’re looking for someone to chat with, just shake your mobile device and you’ll find the one to chat within some 30 seconds, not more!

10.) How About We:

This cool app will become your best friend in posting your Twitter statuses like “How About We…..let’s meet tonight!” What is more, you’ll be able to update its packages and read messages sent by other users, and also reply them with ease. It is designed for both Androids and iOS.

The Handiest iPhone & Android Social Media Apps Of 2013

11.) LuLu:

It is designed by Alexandra Chong. This nice social media app is foreseen for women only. Here women can feel free to pour their hearts to each other, and share their thoughts and ideas which they wouldn’t wish to share with men. So, they can tell each other about the dating experience with their partners, and share their impressions on them. If you’re concerned about the confidentiality of your thoughts, you shouldn’t worry – it’s anonymous.

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12.) Bang With Friends:

Use it on your Facebook account and find those users who’d like to chat with you or just meet you personally. You’ll be presented a list with the names of the opposite sex members, and by just clicking on their names you’ll be able to choose them. Whenever you are chosen by other members, you’ll receive an email notification on this.

13.) MiuMeet:

If you choose this great social media app, you can easily find other people in the vicinities. Start using MiuMeet and chat with others; feel free to send your pics (nude ones not allowed), and tell them whether you’re “interested” or whether you “like them”. Apart from this, you can also block anyone, or send your “No thanks” to them.

14.) Swoon:

Operating like “Bang With Friends”, Swoon is another cool app for dating online members you’d like to meet. It’s free and is compatible with Android. You can search through others’ Facebook profiles and send them your “likes”, and also get their “likes”. They will get to know you pick them the moment they send “likes” to you.

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