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The Best iOS Libraries To Speed Up Your Swift Development Process

Without mobile applications today, the benefit of a mobile device reduces significantly. Mobile apps don’t just interest; they serve us to achieve our day-to-day actions and streamlining everyday life. Everyone utilizes mobile apps; still, even the most tech-savvy users aren’t truly conscious of the notion and technology that breathes life into these apps.

In simple terms, mobile application development frameworks are the basis upon which every astounding iOS or Android application is built.

Concerning that, today, Swift is the most prevalent programming language on Github, and it has one of the most productive communities that commit to open source projects.

Open-source libraries support a lot with accelerated development and make our lives dramatically more peaceful for your iOS apps development.

Here are some of the best iOS libraries to help you with your development process.

1.) ObjectMapper:

If you’ve ever designed an app that downloads data via an API, you’ve prepared enough time to compose code to map the response to your objects. ObjectMapper assists you change a JSON response into your model object, and vice versa. It signifies that it permits you to map JSON to objects and objects back to JSON. Nested objects are sustained as well with ObjectMapper.

2.) Masonry:

Masonry is a lightweight framework that delivers wrestling with AutoLayout, less cumbersome through considerably simple syntax. It gives its chainable DSL that offers AutoLayout code in a further concise and readable manner.

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It also implements several helper processes for standard layouts that decrease over a dozen lines of code with AutoLayout to a single line. For example, if you want to arrange the edges of a UITableView to the sides of its superview, you can use this line of code: make.edges.equalTo(self);

3.) SwiftyJSON

SwiftyJSON transforms your life when it comes to managing JSON in Swift. Parsing JSON with Swift can sometimes be complicated due to typecasting concerns that deem the aspect testing to deserialize a model object. SwiftyJSON makes all of these tasks simple to perform and execute. One noteworthy aspect is that it is also the second-most popular Swift library available on the web.

4.) Intel XDK:

If you are involved in the tech industry, you have definitely heard the name of Intel. Intel XDK, in this context, enables an app development team to develop throughout platform applications for every single available app store. This aspect is predominant when you want your app to reach the broadest amount of audience possible.

It also comprises web services and plugins for different yet rich content, responsive apps, and interactive mobile apps. Intel XDK is unlike more simplistic development frameworks, it is known for helping developers with every task, ranging from emulation and development to testing as well as debugging.


5.) Alamofire:

Alamofire is a popular name in this diaspora. It is one of the most popular iOS libraries that has more than 22 thousand stars and 4 thousand forks on GitHub. Reader’s Choice Awards depicts that the library has received the award as the best library of 2012.

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Alamofire is an HTTP networking iOS Swift library providing mobile developers with serpentine query and response systems, JSON parameters, authentication, and tons of advantageous features. The library also has components like Alamofire Image and Alamofire Network Activity Indicator.

6.) Material Motion:

Material Motion can be termed as a reactive animation library that is based on Core Animation. It lets you develop composable animations.

Material Motion is an API allowing you to seamlessly connect and compose gestures and animations together to help you create beautiful interactions.

7.) CocoaLumberjack:

CocoaLumberjack is an uncomplicated yet powerful logging framework that covers all your logging needs. If you feel like doing more than NSLog or print, CocoaLumberjack is here to help. You can perform remote logging, log to a local file, write to multiple loggers, and even generate different log levels. There might be times when you had to reproduce an elusive bug, or needed to get a better hold on some user behavior. CocoaLumberjack is very helpful in such cases.

8.) Ext JS:

When you talk about creating an excellent mobile framework, flexibility becomes the top priority. Ext JS contributes to both Javascript and HTML 5, which offers developers the features to create a wide range of both complicated and more simplistic apps. Contrary to more comparable frameworks, it presents an assorted range of widgets, including toolbars, menus, forms, and lists, along with many other features.

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An essential tool here is Sencha Test. It helps you in testing your app across platforms and browsers. Ext JS can work for evolving mobile frameworks for iOS app development services along with Android and Windows apps. Majorly, it can work smoothly with other APIs; it means that you can connect various APIs with a given objective to deliver the perfect outcomes.

9.) SwiftLint:

This is a service offered by Realm developers for automatic Swift code verification and for sustaining the coding standards to enhance the quality of code. The facility includes a set of rules that are based on GitHub’s Swift Style Guide.


iOS has one of the largest and most loyal customer bases. Apple store sees some of the most significant premium purchases. Undoubtedly, iOS apps have a more secure and trustworthy impression.

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