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Top Best Music Store Apps For iOS SmartPhone

Top Best Music Store Apps For iOS SmartPhone

You don’t need to understand the lyrics of a song just to know its meaning because music is a universal language. When no one is there to keep you company, music can always be there. Music is just everywhere; in the school, office, malls, television and movies. It is music that makes up the fabric of human existence.

Musicians and music lovers will be delighted to know that the App Store has a wealth of brilliant apps that will make listening more interesting. Here are the best Music Apps for you:

CanOpener: ($4.99)

The CanOpener Audiophiles allows you to take control over the different setting that you have in your music player such as dosimeter, equalizer and crossfeed. When listening to your favorite music using your headphone, you can bring out the bass, pull up the highs or increase the depth. Every piece of instrument can be heard.


This free app allows you to access a music library in your device. By using this app you can easily find out details about your favorite band’s events. You don’t need to travel to distant places just to watch a great show because this app allows you to be updated about the latest concerts happening in your area. If you love watching concerts, then this app is just right for you. The best thing is that you can download this software for free.

Top Best Music Store Apps For iOS SmartPhone


Listen is a free app that allows you to listen to music while riding your bike. It is a gesture-based app which means that you don’t need to navigate on your screen just to play or find your choice of music. By swiping left or right, you can easily play, replay or skip any song.

To add music to your list of favorites, just swipe up and if you wish to access your music library, just swipe down. You can also share your music tracks on Twitter or Facebook by dragging the center button onto the upper right corner of your device. To transfer the sound into a Bluetooth connected speaker, just drag the center button towards the left corner. Biking and listening to music becomes more pleasant with this free gesture-controlled app.

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Stezza: ($0.99)

Stezza is an app that customizes the display of your music player on the screen of your device. You can transform the music controls into huge buttons that you can easily see at a glance. A simple tap on your screen makes you play, skip or pause a song. Also, the user interface can be customized to a different color such as matching it with car’s interior. The app is fun and very affordable. Stezza is a great music player for cruising.

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is Apple iTunes Radio Competitor. This free app is the Google’s latest iOS version which allows user to access a customized radio stations and create an unlimited album list. You can also listen to a compilation of music as created by music experts from Google. Once you have uploaded your favorite songs to your Google Play Account, you can enjoy continue music play of up to 20,000 songs.


Spotify is a free app for the regular version and $9.99 for the premium version. This allows you to listen to radio music using your device. By choosing the premium version, ads are removed from the radio. Spotify can be integrated with your Facebook account. Hence, you can share music to other subscribers and at the same time be able to check on what music your friends are listening to.

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With all the apps available today, listening to music is brought to a whole new level. Grab any of these apps and personalize your own music player.

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