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Tips To Choose High Quality Printer Cartridges

The modern market of cartridges for inkjet and laser printers are affected by a large variety of brands and manufacturers. When entering the store, many customers cannot decide by themselves which cartridge to choose. So, many times they end up buying process with the wrong decision, or with a high cost. But, in this write-up, we will guide you to the most important things to take into account the originality of the product and its compliance with your printer:

Types Of Cartridges:

There are different types of cartridges available in the market. Let’s discuss:


The cartridge model must be chosen strictly according to the name of the printer because the good and long-lasting work can be achieved only from original components. The original printers are produced strictly according to the latest technology and by the licensed manufacturer. Most importantly, original cartridges are produced by the same printer manufacturer, so that compatibility of consumables is warranted by the manufacturer.


Compatible cartridge producers are third-party organisations. In the manufacturing process, the manufacturer uses cheaper technologies which make it difficult to achieve high-quality results. For the miser, these cartridges are like a godsend which suits their small printing documents requirements. But, in the long run, they serve as a great headache for your printer.

Used Cartridge:

Used cartridges are refilled by the experts in private workshops. These cartridges significantly save your money as it is being used repeatedly until any major issues arise in the body. But, to maintain the cartridge you need to clean, diagnose, replace and refill its body parts regularly. After all these, you can forget about good print quality as there are high chances of sudden spilling or ink leakage.

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How To Choose A Cartridge For A Laser Printer?

These cartridges are equipped with a photo drum and a toner tank. For the users who deal with quality printing, it is worthful to choose original cartridge model. If you ordinary cartridge, it will cost almost half the original cartridge, but, here, you have to sacrifice with print quality. The original cartridge can be refilled almost 4 times before replacing and every time you will get desirable printing output. But remember, the original cartridge must be refilled by some professional to eliminate any issue.

Which Cartridge Is Worth Buying For An Inkjet Printer?

Cartridges are the most important equipment for printers. So, when you buy a cartridge for an inkjet printer, consider whether your printer:

  • With printhead
  • Without a printhead

Manufacturers in both cases are advised to use only licensed cartridge models like Hp Printer Cartridges. But, when the separate printing head is installed in the device, it allows you to use a compatible ink cartridge. You should use the original cartridge when there is no print head in the printer. Many manufacturers also embed sensors that block third-party cartridges into the system.

Best HP Printers Cartridges:

When choosing a printer, you have to evaluate not only its functionality but also how simple and economical it will be to maintain. There are many suitable consumables (both original and compatible) on the market which run out ink quickly. But, thanks to HP technology, as you will not meet with such issues. Some of them are as follows:

*) Cartridges For HP Laser Printers

1.) HP 26XF (CF226XF) – Original High-Capacity Toner Cartridge:

This model is suitable for use in the LaserJet Pro M400 line of multifunction printers, which the manufacturer began to supply with cartridges of non-standard design.
In this model not only the external device has changed, but the content has also changed in accordance with the implemented Jet Intelligence technology. Toner particles have also acquired the form of ideal spheres with a dense shell that does not allow them to collapse before being transferred to paper.


  • Resource in 9000 pages.
  • Increased reliability of the new design.
  • Reduced toner consumption compared to conventional pigment.
  • Despite the presence of a chip, allows self-fueling and continues to work even without resetting the counter.
  • It is sold with a set of 2 cartridges so that if you give one for refuelling, you will not be left without a printer.
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  • Fits only two devices from the line – M402 and M426.

2.) HP 37A Black (CF237A) – Standard Consumables With A Decent Resource:

Although the manufacturer classifies this cartridge as standard (as indicated by the letter “A” in the labelling), it can print about 11 thousand pages.
It is designed for an extensive line of HP LaserJet Enterprise M607-M608 printers and is filled with the same innovative toner as the previous model. Accordingly, this cartridge does not leave black lines on the documents and produces very clear prints.


  • Internal wear control of various parts of the cartridge.
  • Automatic removal of protective tape when installing in the printer.
  • Less heat, because there is a low-melting core inside the toner balls.
  • Compatible with 7 models of HP printers.
  • Allows refilling.


  • After several refuelling, the chip can “rebel” and stop printing.

3.) BASF KT-CF281X – compatible cartridge for LaserJet:

Despite the attempts of Hewlett-Packard to limit the use of non-original cartridges in their models of printers and MFPs, it is possible to find a replacement for them from manufacturers officially purchasing HP chips.

BASF offers just such an alternative to the more expensive CF281X, working with the LaserJet-M600 and Enterprise-M lines.


  • The same capacity as the original – 25 thousand pages.
  • Full compatibility with a dozen HP devices.
  • High-quality print.
  • The built-in chip transmits all the necessary information about the remaining paint but does not prevent the printer from working after being refilled.


  • Developed a resource in half, it can begin to “smear”.


*) HP Inkjet Printer Cartridges

1.) HP 711 Black (P2V31A) – Branded Consumables For Plotters:

The cartridge for plotters of the DesignJet T series is delivered at once in duplicate. Pigment inks (80 ml each) are poured into its compartment, which dries quickly and is not lubricated.
Although the manufacturer calls this model non-refillable, even an inexperienced user can fill it again with a simple syringe.

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  • The printing resource of each ink bottle is 1000 A4 pages.
  • The type of cartridges that is popular and familiar to all tankers, so there will be no problems with its maintenance.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 2 years.


  • To get the perfect print quality, you have to pour brand ink.
  • Compatible with only three models of plotters.

2.) JetWorld JWI-H28CMYR – The Best Inkjet Compatible Ink Cartridge

Tri-color cartridge with extra black ink pigment is a real wagon. It fits most DeskJet and OfficeJet color printers and also has a good 260-page resource, which makes it one of the best cartridges for home photo printing.


  • Good quality ink and, accordingly, printed material.
  • Unreported, so there will be no problems with refilling.
  • The list of guaranteed compatibility lists 8 models of printers, and another two dozen HP devices will probably work with it normally.


  • Only suitable for infrequent home use.
  • The JetWorld brand does not come with new, but remanufactured cartridges, although the plant uses original HP components.

3.) HP 728 – The Most Voluminous Color Cartridges

The main advantage of this series of consumables for color printing is the ability to choose the volume of the ink from 40 to an impressive 300 ml. That’s because they are used for the Designjet T730 and T830 widescreen devices.
Hewlett-Packard, on the other hand, continues to fill them with the best pigment inks that resistant to fading and spreading.


  • A large volume with the ability to choose the appropriate option – here only the size of the ink tank changes and the lower part of the body with the printhead is the same for all the cartridges.
  • Easy refuelling.
  • The print resources of the largest 300 ml cartridge is about 4000 pages.


  • Cost from $179.99 for a 40-ml cartridge up to 13 thousand for 300 ml.
  • Compatible with only two models of HP plotters.

Lance ClemonsAbout the Author:

Lance Clemons is the industry marketing manager at Printzone, which is a warehouse of Printer Cartridges in Australia. He implements all marketing strategies and manages all communication plans for brand management. He loves to write and share his experiences in the latest technologies.

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