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Designing An Entire Home Or Office With Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone flooring is the pinnacle of architectural elegance and extravagance. They are more durable than man-made alternatives because they are extracted from the ground. Natural stones’ properties and attributes determine whether they will be suitable for a certain setting.

Physical Characteristics Of Rocks & Stones:

When deciding on a natural stone for a particular project, it is important to consider its basic features, which include:

Absorption Rate:

The porousness of a substance is measured by its absorption rating. The stone’s susceptibility to staining increases with the degree to which it absorbs liquids. Absorbent stones like marble and travertine can shatter when exposed to cold temperatures. Sandstone is the most absorbent of all natural stones, whereas granite is the least porous and most resistant to water damage. Classifications of absorption velocities include:

  • The best absorption occurs in the non-vitreous part of the eye. Non-vitreous tiles are not recommended for usage in moist areas.
  • While semi-vitreous tiles are less likely to soak up water, and you need to spend an additional maintenance cost on them.
  • The most common type of tile flooring, vitreous, has a low to moderate absorption rate and can withstand the high traffic of your indoor area.
  • To upkeep, these materials are waterproof since they do not soak up liquids. They see considerable use in public and commercial spaces.
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Tile dimensions, shapes, thicknesses, and the quality of their finishes may all be considered. Typically, there are three possible grades in each system:

  • Grade 1 materials are of the highest quality and uniformity.
  • Materials exhibiting minor imperfections, such as chips, scratches, or uneven surfaces, are classified as Grade 2.
  • Materials of Grade 3 are severely flawed in terms of size, form, surface, or chipping; they are thus only suitable for use as accent pieces or in some rustic ornamental applications.

Oxidation Rate:

The formation of natural stone materials can take millions of years and result in a wide range of components being present. Iron may be found in these minerals. Rusting occurs when iron atoms oxidize in the air, which can happen when objects are left outside. After some time, this might lead to the deterioration of the entire tile.

The Formula for Calculating The Friction Coefficient:

You need to use a slip-resistant floor for your wet rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, and you can use such natural stones for the same. For a tile, the traction coefficient is directly proportional to its traction.


Natural Stone: Why You Should Use It Everywhere In Your House:


Natural stone has stood the test of time for good reasons. Regarding strength, granite is unparalleled, making it an excellent choice for use in more involved structural home improvement tasks like constructing walls, erecting monuments, and putting in supports. Natural stone provides a long-lasting, eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials for interior and outdoor house design.

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Safe For The Environment:

Acquiring, harvesting, and preparing natural stone for use as a building material has a negligible effect on the surrounding ecosystem, making it a practical and environmentally friendly option for any construction project. In contrast to many man-made construction materials, the production of natural stones can take less energy to produce, and you can save energy by using such stones in your rooms. Furthermore, natural stone does not give out any chemicals or neutralize poisonous gases that can harm the air quality.


For people with sensitive respiratory systems, natural stone is an excellent alternative. For instance, floors made of granite, slate, or marble are more sanitary than carpets, which tend to trap dust, filth, and other pollutants. To add to its many positives, natural stone is also food-safe, making it a great material choice for kitchen worktops, sinks, and other fixtures. It is inherently resistant to fire, water, and mildew, making it a great material for high-risk areas like the bathroom or living room.

Economically Viable:

Despite its higher purchase price, real stone has a longer lifespan and requires less care over time than other materials. Due to its strength and resilience, natural stone may survive for decades with minimal care.

In most cases, homeowners may forget about caring for their natural stone flooring. Natural stone floors, for example, don’t need to be washed, polished, waxed, or wiped down daily like hardwood, ceramic, or laminate floors. Accidental spills are inevitable, but fortunately, cleaning natural stone is as simple as cleaning any other surface in your house. Cleaning granite and marble requires nothing more than a moist sponge and a little water.

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