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Top 7 WordPress Translation Plugins For Your Site

Using the comprehensive features of WordPress, you have managed to get a business website which is optimized, SEO-friendly, responsive and contented but have you thought of it being able to serve globally? Or does it possess the multilingual feature to serve global users with their origin language?

One cannot deny the fact that a feature-rich business website that can be uniformly accessed over all the browsers and places gains high popularity among the web audience. This is because out of the total seven continents, no two countries share the same native language and denying this disparity while developing your business website could cost you a significant potential clientele. So in order to leverage your business reach in the distant areas, you need to possess a multilingual website.

Great news for those who have recently made up their mind to serve a multilingual website to the clients. Without shelling a huge sum of money, you can begin with using the translating options to serve this purpose.

Exploring WordPress Translation Plugins:

WordPress is inarguably an ultimate platform that supports various quintessential plugins that simplify and boost up your site’s performance by inculcating some advanced and needed functions like multilingualism.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 translation plugins that can be used for your WordPress site.

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1.) Google Language Translator:

Do not confuse it with being the official Google plugin instead it is a tool that is built in compliance with Google Translate that provides translation services in the simplest possible way. Simply download and activate the plugin to activate the multi-language option on your website.

Why Choose Google Language Translator:

  • It supports 80+ languages driven by Google Translate
  • Intuitive and Speedy processing
  • Provides manual language switch option to the user

2.) Lingotek Translation:

Lingotek Translation plugin is powered by a cloud-based translation system that provides a source of translations in the form of machine-based, crowd-searched and sometimes provided by human translators (professionally called linguists).

Why Choose Lingotek Translation:

    • Gives you the status of ongoing or processing documents in the form of percentage bars
    • Lets you choose your own translation method out of the three mentioned above
    • Gives you option of being the translator of your own site which means you can too become the text editor cum translator.
    • Almost 100,000 characters are put free for translations efficiently handled by Microsoft Translator API.

    3.) Ceceppa Multilingua Plugin:

    The Ceceppa Multilingua plugin is majorly used to display the sourced file in different languages. It is presumed that the source content is already available for translation.
    Why Choose Ceceppa Multilingua Plugin:

    • Manages specific URLs for each language in a search engine optimized manner
    • Gives control of having specific widgets for each language
    • Provides easy switching option between available languages


    4.) WPGlobus- Multilingual Everything:

    WPGlobus concludes a number of multilingual add-ons like WPGlobus for WPBakery Visual Composer, WPGlobus for TinyMCE and two premium plugins namely  WooCommerce WPGlobus and WPGlobus Plus.

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    Why Use WPGlobus:

    • Proffers add language option with an automatic SEO-friendly featuring for translated content
    • Easy to switch language option via widget or drop down menu
    • Gives control of changing administrator language right from the dashboard.

    5.) Polylang:

    Polylang has emerged as a one-stop solution for managing a WordPress website with multilingual support. It can also run with Lingotek Translation add-on which has been already mentioned in the list above. This plugin supports 41 languages having specific admin interface of their own.

    Why Use Polylang:

    • Provides easy translation feature for widgets, regular and customized posts, taxonomies, and much more.
    • Allows automatic detection of language which helps in setting language either manually or via URL code

    6.) GTS Translation Plugin:

    This plugin is widely popular among site authors as it helps in bringing the desired traffic to the website along with managing the linguistic features of the content. It proffers translation through crowdsourcing content that helps in avoiding grammatical errors.

    Why Use GTS Translation Plugin:

    • It supports over 30 languages and can be extended to other languages in case you have an access to your translators.
    • It also enables you to choose automatic translation through a machine or to go with manual reviewing.

    7.) Multilanguage:

    Distributed by BestWebSoft, this plugin is another boon to managing language setting within a website. If you have the basic knowledge of translation then working with this plugin would be a cakewalk for you.

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    Why Use Multilanguage:

    • Supports 76 languages by default leaving a scope for addition in future
    • Allows you to add multiple languages for a single post either from within the editor or through this plugin.
    • Easy language switch option available via widgets enabling auto search option.
    • Features an added benefit of translating plugins dashboard to facilitate other contributors.

    How Worthy Is Opting For These Professional Translation Plugins?

    As already mentioned, these professional plugins allow you to have a WordPress website that can withstand global barriers i.e it can easily cater potential and established users for your business across the world. But it’s all up to you to decide if the expenses done on making your site multilingual are justified in the right way or not.


    We are not saying to literally jump on to getting a language plugin for your site right away. You must start it step by step to avoid any significant loss. Try integrating the basic one and if you feel OK with it, go for the advanced one like Multilanguage or Google Language Translator.

    If you think we missed out your favorite plugin or the ones you think are worth mentioning, feel free to send us your reviews in the comment section below.

    Bryan LazarisAbout the Author:Bryan Lazaris is a senior WordPress developer at HireWebDeveloper, who holds a profound experience in working with WordPress. He has started sharing his experience in the form of these informational posts regarding anything and everything about WordPress.

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    1. Hi Bryan,
      I have used Google translator and it’s amazing. Although I have not used the other plugins you have mentioned, so I will give them try if possible.
      Thanks for sharing.

    2. oswin william says:

      hi bryan,
      all plugins listed in the post are awesome, i have used them for my website, few of them i have not tried yet. i will try to implement them in my website. thanks for sharing with us.

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