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Do You Need A Google AdWords Consultant?

But not knowing where to start this mammoth task can be a time-consuming part of the process! Reasons not to attempt this job yourself, including the fact that you probably don’t know what you’re doing, and the fact that your brand’s online integrity depends on this being done right! Although there are many more, these are two already solid reasons for hiring a Google AdWords consultant. Even if you have some rudimentary knowledge of the process, chances are good that it is not your primary skill.

But rather than attempting to DIY your Google campaign to save money, why not reframe how you look at it: competitors (even yours!) are engaged in a constant online battle for relevance within the market. You are not spending above your budget by bringing such a person in; you are investing in a professional whose time and skills will be used to improve your brand and how you come across it on Battlefield Internet.

Here’s what to look for when you want to hire a Google AdWords consultant.

Several Positives To The Hire:

A good Google AdWords consultant or management service brings a host of benefits to your brand, like improving how you rank vs. your competitors in a Google Search, optimization of your landing page, and strategic keyword management. All of these factors can combine to bring you to the top of the ranking – if done correctly.

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The optimization of keywords is directly related to your ranking, which is why this function should not be taken lightly. When you pay for clicks, you will know that the right people are getting access to your keywords, which is what will eventually convert your communications into sales. Useless or irrelevant clicks are a waste of time and resources, as they just makeup bulk and do not contribute to the component of clicks that are likely to translate into sales. If you don’t know how to use the Google algorithm to your advantage, it is a good sign that you probably need to call in a pro.


Get The Ball Rolling On The Hiring Process!

Once you have identified what you need the person who fills this role to do, you can start setting up a list of questions that you would ask them in an interview situation. Shortlist the name of individuals and companies that have caught your attention, and whom you would like to get to know a bit better.

Keep an eye out for Google or social media reviews on the company or individual – these can be a great source of information, as they are generated by real-life former and current customers who have experienced what it’s like working with your potential consultant. Of course, if their own rankings and AdWords are well managed, that will affect where in the rankings they appear to you – another foolproof factor to check competence!

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When you communicate with them, be clear about what your expectations are around deliverables, timelines, and execution. The more you teach them about your brand, the better they can address your requirements and create the perfect online space for what you have to offer.

How To Start Your Working Relationship?

It is a very good idea to kick off your relationship with your AdWords consultant with a quick meeting/brainstorming session to figure out where your respective headspaces are, and what your best communication style will be, going forward. Any unshared information is information that will not make it to the public domain, so be sure to be as comprehensive as possible in your briefing!

The consultant will need to know what your brand tone and the flavour are, who your target market is, and what type of action you would like your customers to take when they find you online. The clearer your plans and objectives are, the clearer the strategy and roadmap will be. Bear in mind though, that your strategy will constantly need to be tweaked and adapted, based on how the market reacts to your online campaign. The right AdWords consultant will be ready with a list of questions for you, to help them frame the information you are able to give them, in a way that allows them to put it together in the right way.

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