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Watch Out: Content Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

There are a lot of companies that are succeeding at content marketing. There are also some who are having struggles to put things in one place. However, in the competitive world of business, the only thing that is certain, is the standards.

The standard is getting higher. It means that marketers can’t afford to make a single mistake in their content marketing. Here are some of the common mistakes that marketers should avoid.

Guessing About The Audience Instead Of Getting To Know Them:

It is not suitable to assume that you completely know the interests of your audience. Also, it is not enough to have a mindset that if you find something interesting, then it will immediately engage with a larger audience.

Rather, it is important to conduct a customer research to know their interests, needs, concerns, buying triggers and favored content platforms. Using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends is a good start. It is also better to connect directly with the customers through a personal interview or email survey.

Limiting The Ideas:

It is important for companies to understand that using content marketing means that they are reaching as many prospects as possible. The ideas for content must always be relatable and broad to most of the audience. Marketing efforts will slow down if the content only focuses to the existing readers.

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Educating the audience through content is a good move. But you must also avoid making it an obvious promotional content. Keep in mind that prospects reject reading poorly written content, ensure that the content is of high quality.

Accepting Every Guest-Blogging Opportunity:

One of the most known content marketing strategies is guest-blogging. However even if it’s a good strategy, this tactic can still slightly hurt your business. Before, good content marketing commanded that writers must write high-quality content as much as possible, especially for the websites that requested the articles. However, nowadays, marketers need to be careful on the guest blog postings.

There are times that good contents can become a pain especially if posted on a website with low-quality contents. Before writing an article for a website, it is essential that content marketers find time to check the quality of the sites. This tactic also helps avoid publications in letting search engines penalize you.


Writing Too Much About The Company Or Product:

Sadly, there are business owners that think that doing business blogging means writing solely about the company, products, and services. Yes, writing about products and services is part of content marketing strategy. However, focusing on those things won’t help in building connections and earning trust with your customers.

Rather, business owners should focus on serving beneficial information that settles problems and addresses issues in the line of business. The contents must have a secure connection to your products and companies. But it still needs to be captivating, appealing to read, and it must meet the needs of the readers.

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Failing To Market The Content:

Even the best content in the world will not gain any friction if there is no effort in marketing the content. Content marketers must put an extra effort into marketing the content even more so creating it.

It means that they should with other advancing strategies like influencer marketing, email marketing, AdWords Campaign, social media marketing, and native advertising. Also, you must ponder on the platforms you choose. Benefits from any marketing are better than having nothing.

Ignoring Graphics:

Many people assume that it is easy to express the things that visuals convey in words. Even if it is true, there are still people that don’t have the capability to concentrate on descriptive captions that are long. Infographics, pictures, and videos are some efficient ways in different marketing strategy. Marketers can use infographics because it sums up a whole article. Also, it is easy to share infographics online, especially on social media. Videos are also another unusual approach but can be very attractive.

Failing To Consider Other Sites’ SEO:

SEO plays a major role in content marketing. Marketers know about this fact, but they only consider the SEO of their sites and completely forget about the other websites associated with them. Before making any connection with an external site to help with any content marketing efforts, make sure to check if the site has a proper domain authority, that will help you maintain a good standing with Google.

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Having A One-Sided Conversation:

Frequently publishing content is not necessarily a good content strategy. Marketers know that blogging and social media aren’t about publishing a marketing tagline at readers and audience only. A content marketer’s job isn’t over even after posting the content.

They still need to interact with their social media followers and readers. Make sure to reply to the comments left on the blog, like the comments on Facebook posts, and reply or retweet the mentions on Twitter. Serving a relevant content is a good start, but it is only the start of the dialogue.


Content marketing has an enormous impact on businesses, so companies needs to focus on serving high-quality contents. Also, since the stats for content marketing recently is higher, companies must avoid making mistakes. The common mistakes listed above are guides for marketers to achieve success in using content marketing.

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Wade Cockfield is an SEO Consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. He is also the CEO and founder of Wade Cockfield SEO Company. It is a company that focuses on producing valuable content strategies. Wade has a broad knowledge of digital marketing. When he is free, Wade loves to binge watch Star Wars.

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