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The Biggest Trends In Online Reputation Services We’ve Seen

Do you Google yourself? What do you see?

When you search yourself on the search engine, do you think you are represented fairly?

Are there more positive reviews about your business than the negative ones?

Reputation is a vital business asset. It needs to be protected to increase brand value.

The aim of online reputation management service is to create, cultivate, and maintain an organization’s brand name online. Online reputation management is an ongoing task. It ensures that people find positive information about your organization when they search it online. ORM services are a great way to build a positive digital image, and it counteracts misleading trends.

Let’s look at the Biggest Trends in Online Reputation Services:

ORM Needs Tool:

There are various tools available that can automate the process of online reputation management. In the starting phase you will need to invest some time after that the processes get automated.

You can choose the one out of so many tools available to fulfill the tasks as per your needs.

Email automation: When you are thanking customers, requesting reviews, or following up, there is no need to write the same email several times. You can automate the process with email automation software, such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

Social media monitoring: Social media monitoring is an important part of online reputation management. There are many social media tools, such as Zoho Social, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, which go through mentions, keywords, and a lot more across different platforms.

Monitor the web: One of the best tools for monitoring the brand, your name, or other keywords across the internet is Google Alerts. You can choose the phrases or keywords, and set the alarm to get individual emails when the words show.

Testimonial gathering: With testimonial gathering tools, you get to organize pictures, video, or text testimonials all in one place. You can display them on Facebook, YouTube on your website, and use them for marketing purposes. Boast integrates with Google Analytics, social media platforms, and mail automation programs.

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The quality tech stack is popular, and agencies offering reputation management services are aware of the same. You can not only target negative feedback with the right tools but fix them and can even replace them with quality reviews. By automating this process (as much as possible), you can pay attention to clients and focus on your business better than before.

Video Trend:

On Facebook, 100 million hours of content is consumed in a day. Video content increases the conversion rates by 80 percent. Video content is getting more attention and is on the rise. Video content gets more shares as well and helps in winning customers. Video content helps to build an online reputation for years to come. Its long term benefits attract many businesses.

For capitalizing on the benefits of video content, there is no need for a studio set up in the office. You can use a platform for gathering video testimonials by asking your clients to submit their videos. It is important to take the permission of your clients before using the video.

To save time, businesses prefer to work with agencies to manage or create videos.

Good Mobile Search Is Crucial:

If you only search on the laptop, try searching on mobile. There is a huge increase in the number of mobile searches. In today’s time, it is crucial to pay attention to the importance of online reputation management, especially for retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Mobile searches are highly competitive; it is tough to get on top of the searches like “coffee shops near me.” It is important for your business that customers find the information they need to know about you. No matter what type of business you are running, it is important that customers find accurate information about you. If the information doesn’t show up, it won’t hamper your online brand reputation but gives the wrong impression to your customers about the lack of attention on your side.

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As a business, you should provide the following information:

  • Working hours
  • Location
  • Email
  • Facebook Page
  • Website

If any of the above information is incorrect in the mobile search or a bunch of negative reviews show up, it’s a threat to your business. There are businesses that are tight on time or staff; they don’t have time to manage their online reputation; in such cases, it is a good idea to take services of a marketing agency.


Importance Of Social Media In Online Reputation Management:

Many businesses leave their online reputation management to just checking reviews. But that’s not the only place where your customers are talking about you. Customers post their reviews, complaints, experiences on social media, which are there for the world to see.

Social media reviews are important to maintain an online reputation. Both online reviews, as well as social media reviews, are important, and they work in different ways. Online reviews are helpful when the customers are actively seeking you out. On the other hand, social media reviews work passively; it introduces your business to people who have never known its existence. Social media is helpful for startups and small businesses that are not well-known.

Even if you don’t have accounts on all the famous social media platforms, the tools can help you in monitoring the conversation.

Active Participation Results In Good Reviews:

Active participation is required to maintain and improve reputation; simple monitoring is not enough. Offering customers a great experience and doing good work is a part of maintaining a good online reputation; however, it doesn’t guarantee that the experience will be shared online by customers. Take benefit from the hard work you put, give incentives to customers for sharing their experiences. Some of the ways of doing so are:

  • Offer rewards to customers who share their reviews
  • Regularly meet with your clients, ask them to write the reviews
  • At the bottom of the receipt, add social sharing information
  • Run a small giveaway for customers who write reviews
  • Offer coupons or exclusive discounts to those who shared your posts on the social media platform
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Mobile Speed:

There is a lot of emphasis on mobile searches, with the rise in mobile searches; there is a rise in need for speedy sites, which take less time to load.

How does it impact your online reputation?

If your site is not fast, it won’t be ranked highly on Google. Your customers won’t appreciate it if the site is slow.

Slow sites don’t show on Google’s first page, and 95 percent of all clicks take place on the first page. You want to be visible to your customers, and for that, you need a quick loading site.

Good Content Matters:

Just creating the content is not enough; the focus is on quality. Just writing a blog once in a while is not the norm nowadays. You have to provide quality content consistently.

Your site with poor content can prove detrimental to the online reputation. Wring original, informative articles with interesting headlines is appreciated.


Creating a positive image of your business online is crucial for the success of your business. Many times businesses ignore the negative reviews, which in turn form a bad image of the business online and hamper the reputation of the business. It is important to make efforts or online reputation management experts to build the reputation of your business.

Gurneet KaurAbout the Author:

Gurneet Kaur works as a writer for Woosper Infotech, a digital marketing company. She has a knack for Anticipating Marketing Trends and best practices in the realm of digital marketing and customer acquisition. When she actually manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, she is usually reading books, traveling or shooting photos.

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