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What Role Travel Apps Play In Growing Tourism Industry?

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world. You must have heard a lot of such things which would have made you crave to explore the world and travel to places. They say travel brings power and love back to your life. True, isn’t it?

However, a lot of things need to be ensured before one takes on to the voyage. This way you can avoid a lot of trouble coming in your way and have a happy and stress-free holiday.

Say you are out on a trip and want to commute to place or keen on finding a service you depend on, then what you do? Either you rely on the hotel staff to help you with this or contact the local tour operator to rescue you. However, you may invite some trouble this way as your plan to get served may get delayed or you may get mugged for a lot of money.

There can be many such unpleasant experiences depending on different itinerant factors such as doing easy hotel bookings, tracking location, finding best attraction packages, and getting access to most popular events or getting an emergency help in time. And you can simply imagine all of those things that are certain to come your way and all of them are applicable here.

So how you plan to deal with such issues as you travel? Can you think of anything to have with you that offers a complete solution that focuses on making our travel time full of collecting memories and least of trouble?

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Mobile Apps For Your Rescue:

Yes! Mobile apps offer the ultimate solution as they are capable of delivering the ease and value we require from our ranging travel affairs.

Talking in concern of real needs, we need and desire for some perks regarding movement as we enjoy our time traveling at a location. At this point, we really can’t do without a good travel and tourism app anymore, when there is an app for just anything and everything. And these demands are never-ending, in fact, they are growing at a steady pace in all ways and forms.

Today we have an app for everything, be it finding a cab ride in a foreign land or hiring a travel guide to take you to places. It can also be something that enables you to quickly put up with services that matter to you as you are away from home.

It is easy to find any solution in this domain by exploring the touring facts, tapping relevant functional ideas and analyzing the pain points of travelers and offering them something that is of niche value and connects with them contextually.

Prominence Enjoyed By Mobile Apps:

According to the 2015 statistics, the travel and tourism is a huge 6.3 trillion dollar industry, and mobile apps play the biggest reason behind its success. With the partnership between the tourism industry and technology growing, both of them have earned several recognitions and much more is to be accomplished. Today travel apps which come with a lot of functionalities have replaced guidebooks, compasses, maps and other printed stuff.

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Meanwhile, there are numerous app developers in Singapore offering brilliant mobile app development services. Here are the wide-ranging services broken into different modules and features:

Ticket Booking:

Are you planning to travel with your family to spend your vacation in a tourist destination? Then the first thing you need to do is book your travel tickets to that place. Now, this can be done in two traditional ways – either get the booking done from the counter or through an agent. If you book from the counter, then you are required to stand in long queues for an indefinite time. Meanwhile, in the case of booking through an agent, you are required to pay commission.

So why not save both time and money by logging into a travel booking app and get your tickets booked from there. In case the app also offers you cash back or reward point in its engagement scheme, then it is a double treat. These apps allow us easy and prompt services as well as establish enough trust and connection with impactful communication and intuitive interface.


Local Transportation And Accommodation:

When you travel to a new destination, you are likely to have no idea how to access different transportation and accommodation services. So, there are chances for you being cheated for high rates. However, a travel management app allows you to find and compare different options available at a place and assures that you only pay standard prices for these facilities. Services to help you with local transportation and sightseeing can also be booked.

These apps also help in growing the travel business as the travel companies have more scope and options by their side to deliver the customers with better choices and updated offerings with the help of these apps. This in turn in helpful in growing your travel business and expand your trade better.

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Spot Services:

There are many issues you may face as you move out from the hotel and move around with your family. There is nothing better than having a person to guide you through major spots and maybe also help in shopping or maybe to help you with your special needs at that point of time.

Here, a mobile app offering local help and taking care of your on-journey woes can come to your rescue. With travel apps, you get a dependable response in ideal conditions. In fact, as a business, it has a lot to offer regarding opportunities as well as you have countless ideas to work on. And, this is where a travel business gets a lot of opportunity as a provider.


Today mobile app development companies have myriad possibilities to build a smart and advanced solution for tourism industry cashing on the eventful and prolific opportunities. You simply require to find out what’s next you can work on to help your target audiences, who are considering mobile apps as their primary mode of reference and solution. The mobile app solutions help your business and the tourism industry at large, to grow in various ways.

Ajit JainAbout the Author:Ajit Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire iPhone app developer for your own app development project.

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