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Lost An Exec? 4 Steps Businesses Should Take To Protect The Company

Every business has experienced the loss of an executive leaving for employment with another company. For businesses experiencing this, there is more to worry about than finding a replacement. The ex-employee is now a liability and the company must be protected. If your business lost an executive, you might not know where to begin for protection. Look at the following four steps that your business should take to protect your company:

1.) Get Non-Disclosure Agreements Signed:

Your company has trade secrets that provide a competitive advantage which your ex-executive knows about. Trade secrets can range from formulas to design layouts or any information not publicly known. A previous executive giving information to a new employer can be detrimental to the business. Prevent this from happening by having the executive sign a non-disclosure agreement. They will be lawfully promising to not discuss trade secrets or information with other companies.

2.) Conduct A Forensic Computer Check:

Another protective business step is to conduct a forensic computer check on the ex-employee’s computer. Forensic checks perform a thorough research of emails, documentation, and activity done on the computer. These checks are designed to ensure there were no privacy, security, or information breaches. This promotes information control and asset protection in case the ex-employee disclosed sensitive information. Sensitive information worthwhile to other companies includes client, financial, and product information.


3.) Change Security Locks And Passwords:

When a company is no longer employed, they should not have access to the business. It is crucial to remember to change passwords and locks when the executive leaves. This includes access to both information systems and business grounds. Although this might seem tedious, it is important because it protects business employees and assets. Hire a commercial locksmith to help assist with the alarms, power systems and more.

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4.) Collect All Company Devices:

Finally, it is crucial that given company devices are returned from the ex-employee. Company devices can include work phones, laptops, tablets, flash drives and more. These elements contain information that does not need to be given or accessed. Not to mention, it is a loss of property if not returned. Have a checklist to help verify all company devices are returned. Perform an inventory check for added measure too.

Losing an executive is not easy and you might be concerned with hiring a replacement. However, it is crucial to have your business’ security in mind. Protect your business by using the described steps above!

Hannah WhittenlyAbout the Author:

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. For your commercial locksmith needs, Hannah recommends Southern California Security Centers.

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