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Three Most Common Email Marketing Myths

Though it may seem that email marketing is just like the older types of digital communication but in reality, email marketing is an amazingly dynamic space. It has progressed dramatically from the days of the email-blast method to today’s highly targeted and most advanced marketing-automation campaigns. With the pace at which changes are taking place, it is difficult for marketers to stay abreast of the latest trends and more necessarily, distinguish between enduring trends and the mere fleeting trends.

The truth is that email marketing is such a fast evolving industry that today’s best practices more often than not get transformed into tomorrow’s misapprehensions almost overnight as our thoughts and understanding become better grounded and nuanced in experience and experimentation. Here are some of the misconceptions about the best practices of email marketing. According to experts, the best practice you must always stick to is testing.

Remember every business, every audience, and every campaign would essentially have different objectives. So it is all the more reason for you to test all your email marketing endeavors for establishing your own unique best practices and avoiding dogma.

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Email Marketing Myth #1: Abridged And Compact Subject Lines Usually Get Better Outcomes:

Fact: According to the findings of some recent studies, it is demonstrated that the length of subject line has very little effect on open rates. In certain cases, a crisp and short subject line succeed while in some other cases, a good subject line would comprise more words. The key to successful email marketing is that you need to make each and every word count. The subject line should clearly express and convey to the recipient WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Use apt words and remember short does not always spell success.

You should keep in mind, however, that some words are known to have a better drawing or attracting power as compared to others, for example, ‘act now’ or ‘free’. If the word free is inserted in your subject line, open rates would go up by an incredible 10 percent. However, such words must necessarily be used only where they seem to be relevant.


Email Marketing Myth #2: Unsubscribes Are Higher If The Frequency Is Higher:

Fact: The usual topic of discussion in email marketing is mostly that you need to be careful regarding sending too many emails hence, risking unsubscribes or spam complaints. Marketers have been consciously limiting email frequency to only once or twice every month. It seems to make sense. But according to the reports of a recent survey conducted by HubSpot, this conventional practice was contradicted.  It was revealed that unsubscribes had actually gone down when the frequency of emails was increased to almost four or maybe five times every month. However, keep in mind that unsubscribes would be going up automatically if you are going on sending emails which actually, are of no use to the target audience. Contact a professional bulk email marketing services to seek their assistance relating to all your email marketing issues.

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Email Marketing Myth #3: It Is Best To Send Emails In The Mornings And Mostly During Weekdays:

Fact: According to the results of the recent studies, there are much higher open rates mostly on weekends and even in the evenings. People today are constantly on the go and they are always having their mobile devices with them. Professionals boast of using work smartphones and are accessing emails all through the day. But maybe subscribers have learned to prioritize their emails, particularly during the weekdays.

They seem to place greater priority to emails from superiors and colleagues during the weekdays and check out the marketing emails during the weekends. Emails that are being sent on weekends and in the evenings are transcending the daily clutter and are ending up on top of target audience’s inbox.


There are many such email marketing myths. Before ruling out any information as the myth it is important for you to identify which facts to dismiss and which to believe. Do thorough research before modifying your email marketing strategy.

David WicksAbout the Author:David Wicks is a marketing expert and founder of a tech blog. He recommends for all your email marketing solutions.

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