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Boost Your Instagram Followers By Analyzing The Data

If you run an Instagram account, you must like it to followed by active followers. The best is to get lots of free Instagram followers quickly and easily. In this article, you will get to know how to get active and quality followers.

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It is to determine if the current measures are suitable for achieving the goals. In addition to the current situation analysis, there is an advantage that you can walk the shortest route to the goal by correcting the problem identified by the analysis result.

When launching policies and advertisements that utilize Instagram, we will increase the number of followers and the number of likes in order to determine the marketing objectives such as awareness improvement and specific CV acquisition and whether or not it has been achieved. You should have set a KPI such as “Obtain it”.

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Why Should We Analyze Instagram In The First Place?

By conducting regular Instagram analysis, you can grasp the current target achievement rate, and you will be able to select the best improvement measures to be taken to achieve the goal.

The numerical values ​​that should be emphasized during the analysis will vary depending on the goals and KPIs that have been set, but here we will introduce the seven indicators that are important no matter what goals are set.

1.) Number Of Followers And Daily Increase/Decrease Rate:

The number of followers is the most important number on Instagram.

The more followers you have, the greater the influence of the ads displayed on that account.

To increase the number of likes, comments, and engagement rates, you first need to increase the number of followers.

If you have been doing Instagram for many years and the number of followers does not grow, it is possible that there is a cause that is not accepted by users.

2.) Number Of Likes:

The number of likes is also a very important number. Users will like the photos when they feel they like them.

If the number of likes is small, there should be some improvement in the quality and content of the photo. It is a number that we would like to increase with the number of followers.

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3.) Number Of Comments:

After the number of followers and likes has increased, let’s care about the number of comments.

The higher the number of comments, the higher the engagement rate from followers.

In order to increase the number of comments, it is necessary to devise not only good quality pictures and contents but also text to be written in captions.


4.) Engagement Rate:

Engagement is one of the terms often used on SNS and represents the “strength of bond” with users.

Not only will you be followed if the engagement is strong, but you will also be given many likes and comments.

Engagement rate = (number of likes + number of comments) / number of followers can be used to calculate the value.

You should check your daily engagement rate, and if it’s down, take action, such as improving your photos.

5.) Posting Time:

Instagram users’ reactions will vary depending on the posting time.

Please change the setting of post time according to the target of Instagram advertisement. Even students and working people change the time when they check Instagram.

I would like to find the most effective time slot in posting photos every day.

6.) Number Of Clicks:

It’s very important to know how many users clicked on your ad’s link in your Instagram post.

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For example, if A’s post has a low CTR and B’s has a high CTR, the user’s content may be more interested in it, which can be used as a reference for the next content creation.

7.) Conversion Rate:

Conversion rates are just as important as clicks.

A conversion is a final result that is defined in advance, and typical examples include “purchase of products”, “request for materials”, “inquiry”, and “member registration”.

If you reach the final goal set here, it is “conversion”. In other words, the term “conversion” changes depending on the industry, service, and user situation.

The conversion rate = (number of conversions/number of visitors) can be used to calculate the numerical value. This will help you to think about what kind of content is good for increasing conversion rates.

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