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72 Must Have Features For ECommerece Website – Infographics

Do you have a perfectly designed ecommerce site? We aren’t just talking about the looks. Standard ecommerce site features are fairly well known. Yet most of the sites miss a few or more important things. And that is not surprising.


  • While designing a site it’s hard to keep track of all the features and style elements.
  • However, a simple design mistake or omission of a trivial feature can take a big toll on your conversion rate.
  • The following infographic from WebAlive addresses exactly that issue.

This infographic presents a very comprehensive list containing 72 essential features of ecommerce sites. These general features are common and must-have for any online store. So no matter what type of product you are selling, it’s worth giving this a look.

The best thing about this infographic is it doesn’t mention only the features. It presents a detailed outline of an ideal ecommerce site with example pages.

Thus by looking at these, you will have a clear idea regarding the ideal design of an ecommerce site. As a bonus, the infographic mentions the important backend features, making the list even more complete.

Whether you are designing a new ecommerce site or redesigning your existing one, this infographic is worth keeping as a reference.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from WebALive.

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