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The Best Time To Post A Photo On Instagram Social Media Is Right Now

In case, you really want people to like your Instagram, then the most promising time to post a picture or anything is around 5 pm EST and on Wednesday. It is not anything random but a lot of research has gone through before determining this time and day. Now, it seems quite easy. All you have to do is take a quick note of the time and then be prepared to post around that time.

Following one request, Latergramme, a service which helps users to manage and schedule the IG posts, ran a proper analysis of more than 61,000 posts for determining when was the right time when the photos received most comments and likes from the followers for Instagram. On an average, it was found out that 2 am and 5 pm EST are noted to be the best times for the influencers and even commoners on IG to post if they really want their followers to pay attention to what they are offering. The worst timings that can get in this regard are 9 am and 6 pm. On the other hand, Wednesday seems to be the best day of the week apparently to post even though not by much.

What Is So Special About The Timings?

So, you must be wondering what is so special about 2 am and 5 pm. Well, according to the founder of Latergramme, there are some theories associated with 5 pm. People think this time to be the best for posting posts on IG because fewer people are actually posting at the time. Only those people, who are more engaged with this platform, will be the one knowing this trick and posting at that time.

  • Posting at around 5 pm is always noted to be a good time if you really want to engage people who might have hopped on IG at end of the workday and are also procrastinating just before they get to leave for the evening right now.
  • The team also broke down some of the best times on a daily basis of the week for making the posts come alive with people, their likes and comments.
  • As per the data procured from the survey, the “engaging” time on IG, shifts from one day to another. For example, on Monday 5 pm is mainly a pretty crummy time and engagement will be of the highest value at 7 pm and 10 pm. Then on Friday, the apparent sweet spots will be at 1 am and 8 pm.
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It is really quite difficult to understand the correct time as it keeps on changing. But if you have been following IG for a long time and some of the biggest influencers, you will get a pattern drawn at the end of a week. If you want, you can follow the same and start investing your work of posting pictures and videos during that particular time.

Ranking The Days Of Week:

The reliable surveys have ranked the days of the week based on the engagement, which is more like a measurement which the Latergramme gauges. For that, it starts adding the likes and comments of a post and dividing the same by the follower count of the users. However, the differences were known to be slightly overall, which is around 4.9% of the engagement average right at its best, when compared to that of 44% at worst. Well, you might still be quite interested to just know that Wednesday is the D-day to post on IG. Chances are high that you will start to work on the sections well and with ease.

Using IG For The Business:

For creating that sizable IG following, you have to start by creating compelling content that the audiences might like. In case, you fail to post the content at the right time, most of them might never see it. So, how can you possibly figure out about the optimal post time for the specified audience? The best way to do that is by finding the ideal posting time. For that, you have to work hard and test out the timing of posts to see which one seems to generate better audience engagement over here.

  • In case, you fail to have enough time or resources for conducting own tests, you can head on towards the social media management platform with more than 24000 customers. They have already analyzed their noted customer data to check out the right time and day their posts are generating the most engagement. They have further segmented the data by the industry and social network.
  • If you check out their aggregate customer data for the social media platform named IG, you might get to see the following times and day in CDT, which are noted to be ideal for generating the most engagement on the social network.
  • On average, the perfect time to post on IG is between 2 and 3 pm CDT. But, the engagement level that you are about to get can easily change dramatically depending on the day of the week you are planning to post.


Some Added Insights To Follow:

The time between 2 to 5 pm is always the ideal time. It is time for you to get some of the additional insights about the promising post timing from data as collected through multiple surveys now.

  • Posting at around 5 am CDT from Tuesday to Friday will help in generating higher engagement. People mostly take time to check their phones right after they wake up.
  • On the other hand, posting around 11 am to 3 pm CDT during weekdays will also help in generating engagement. People mainly check phones during lunch or when they mentally run out of energy towards the end of the workday.
  • In case, you are planning to post on weekends, Saturday around 11 am CDT is a perfect time.
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These points and timings are the ones for you to watch out for whenever you are willing to get the highest likes and comments on your posts on Instagram.

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